Your Favorite Doll House Designs

Become a time traveler as you explore all the doll house designs on this page. Travel back in time to your childhood. Back to a time when everything around you was oh so new and very captivating.... Believe it or not that kind of attitude will help you choose your best design ever. So have fun and explore as a child at heart.

Miniature Scale Designs are Numerous

There are a number of mini designs to choose from today. Ranging from the traditional Barbie Doll's house to the Magnolia style, with prices just as varied.

Staying Focused...

Do not be overwhelmed though by all you see and read about. Think more in terms as this being an awesome, enchanting adventure. One in which you, first, do not care where you land.

And secondly you simply can not wait to get started. Ever feel like that? We have, especially when we are anticipating the arrival of a new project. One that excites us.

So begin making plans of what kind and how extensive your next doll house designs project will be. Then take the plunge and order it. It's so good to be involved in something that just makes you happier the more you work at it and create.

For Now You are Simply in Pursuit of your Dream Doll's House

Your Favorite Barbie Doll on Display

Yes just like a child you are willing to see and touch all you encounter. And all is new and very exciting to you.

Isn't that the way we feel exploring something of interest to us? We feel just like big kids. Got to love the creative force...

For Instance Check out these Popular Doll House Designs:


Log or Cottage...

Paper Style...

  • Those who like cut out project books will naturally like working with paper houses. These books give a table top display more character without the expense. And no, they are not only for model railroads. Done properly they can add to your mini structure scenes.

Plastic Canvas...

  • Who can resist plastic canvas creations? There are numerous patterns available for your favorite fashion doll. By studying the ideas available most will not be able to wait to get started. These pattern books truly are both imaginative and intriguing. So get your projects started here.

Quick-build, Ready-made, Finished, or Assembled...

  • Quick-build, ready-made, finished, or assembled houses represent the varieties that come prepared for you. All you will need with these styles is to decide with what and how you will display miniatures in them. These range among the easiest designs available if little to no work is what you are looking for.

Bookcase or Castle...

  • Improvising designs include ones such as a dollhouse bookcase or castle style. These both require some imagination to make them complete. Seeing as your imagination is your best tool for any miniature work. This particular scenario should not pose a problem for you in obtaining your most desired design. If this happens to be the path you want to take, go for it.


  • The cardboard style has been around for a number of years. There are still items we are all aware of that remain constructed of this material. Mostly for its cost effective qualities. However if this is your desire then researching this page can help find what you are looking for.

Custom Built...

  • This brings us to our final category of custom built doll structures. These houses are for people who know what they want, have the ability financially to order it done and do not really have the time to build for themselves. You love these mini structures so we have created your section here.

Design Tip #12
Custom Design your Dollhouse in 3 Easy Steps

Home Designer Software Program
  1. Understand what you really want in a structure. What you like plays a huge roll at this stage. So know your own tastes well.
  2. Open Home Designer and begin picking the features you want. Choose the layout and add the finishing elements. 
  3. Print off your plan, gather your materials and begin constructing. Your tiny dwelling will have the added feature no store bought model contains. Your own sense of accomplishment and a job well done.

Showing off your structure is the icing on the cake. Make sure you prize the moments.

Types of Structural Design include:


  • To start with heavy paper material has long been used to construct miniature buildings in the railroad hobby. For instance a lot of houses featured cardboard pieces so these structures could be folded and placed in a box for storage and shipping. Cardboard being after all another form of heavy style paper. There are numerous books of paper elements you can add to any miniature display today.


Plastic Canvas...

Unique Wood Designs...

  • Log, cottage or cabin style structural bases are unique and inspirational. They are similar to wood structures but different. They require different items to complete their realistic designs. Special wood siding and construction elements are needed.

Regular Wood...

Different Construction Styles...

  • Unique ideas for mini mansions include items made like bookcases or castles. These houses cause you to implement your own style into them to make them complete. Some times as we have studied mini structures we have found not enough solutions to help in some doll house designs. However that is not a bad thing. It does cause you to think in the end. And that is a good result.


Plus Explore each of the following
Categories to find Your new Doll's Home.

Specific Designer Names Include:

You will usually Find these Doll House Design Names both in Complete and Kit Form. The ones with kit after the name we only found in kit style. The ones without kit are both types.

Vintage and Collectible Models

Types of Structured Plans for:

  • Barbie
  • Basic Floor Plan
  • Free Stuff
  • Miniature
  • Wooden

Continue with a More Intense Search

Also for your convenience use this link to continue searching the entire web for more doll house designs. Use the above words as suggested "keywords" and just copy and paste to see what ideas you come up with. Being more specific always add the keyword of "dollhouse and other variables" to the above for best results.

Childlike Eyes and Ears: A Must-have Resource

Childlike eyes and ears enable us to find the very best doll house designs we are looking for. Exploring with the excitement of children puts us in the atmosphere of fun right away. Instead of waiting for it somewhere down the line. It's a tool we adults can cultivate so as to always continuously have fun in whatever we seek.

Special Dollhouse Designs in Books

Books are the best source of ideas there are. We have supplied the below info.

Click on the bottom set of numbers to advance the pages. Search box below is not used to search our site. It is provided to help search this particular group of products only. For additional info on this and other product boxes see our explanation here.

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