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Awning Windows Creative Elements all Dollhouses Need

Stylish Window Treatments: The First of our Creative Definitions

In the world of miniatures we find a surprising amount of ideas from everyday, real life situations. It should not be unimaginable to see the same thing in their windows.There are all sorts of ideas where building supplies and window treatments are concerned.

On this page you should find much to do with windows in general. We have also provided items of hardware, window treatments and of course plenty of windows themselves in the below storefront. To go now and search this category for types and styles click this link.

Even though awning windows are typically not the same as their life sized versions. That is not to say you can not at every turn in your dollhouse journey create and make what you yourself want. Even, yes, if you do not initially find it already created. With this page about windows we hope you find the effect you are looking for.

Home Designer Software Program

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Assorted Dollhouse Window Examples

(Click on any picture below for complete details of examples.)


Your basic awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. Screens are placed on the interior of the unit. For your miniature structures you may simply find items with awnings overhanging them as examples of these types of designs.

Pictured Example: Miniature Green & White Striped Bay Awning Windows

Awing Example

Dollhouse Awning Window


Casements are hinged at the sides and project outward.

Pictured Example #1: Working Casement

Pictured Example #2: Double Casement

Casement Examples

Dollhouse Miniature Working Casement Window
Dollhouse Miniature Circlehead Double Casement Window


Hoppers are hinged at the bottom and open inward. (Generally not found for dollhouses. This is not to say you can not create them yourself. Which is definitely the pleasure of this hobby anyway.)

Hopper Example

Hopper Window
This is a full-size example.


A Vertical Slider or Single Hung, as it is also known, is identical to a Horizontal Slider but the bottom slides up. (Sliding windows are often the style that you will find for dollhouses. They tend to be the ones that slide up as well. In our Toy Shoppe Online section below search with the term "working windows" under the title "Dollhouse Windows" and you will find a number of entries.)

Pictured Example: Traditional Side-by-Side Working

Sliding Example

Dollhouse Miniature Traditional Side-by-Side Working Window


A bay style is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building and forming a bay in a room, either square or polygonal. Bay windows are often associated with Victorian architecture.

Pictured Example #1: Miniature Working Bay

Pictured Example #2: Houseworks Bay Window Shop Kit

Bay Examples

Dollhouse Miniature Working Bay Window
Dollhouse - Houseworks Bay Window Shop Kit

Octagonal or Round:

An octagon style is simply and most popularly defined as "an eight-sided polygon". A round window is just that - round. Used in creating additional character in your house construction.

Pictured Example #1: 1/2-Inch Scale Octagonal

Pictured Example #2: Miniature Round

Octagonal or Round Ex.

Dollhouse Miniature 1/2-Inch Scale Octagonal Window
Dollhouse Miniature 1/2-Inch Scale Round Window


A Palladian style is a member of the arched group. Made with three openings and the central panes are wider with an arched top.

Pictured Example: Miniature Palladian Working

Arched Example

Dollhouse Miniature Palladian Working Window

(Click on any picture above for complete details of examples.)

Your Imagination: The Secret of your Success!

Your basic mini building supplies do resemble home-sized building supplies.

Although the tendency is not to find absolutely everything you would encounter in structuring a full sized building. However, always remember what you see in your surroundings can be copied in your miniature world. So with a bit of encouragement and imagination you can design awning windows or other styles you will love.

With a bit of creativity and originality you can recreate designs you come across in everyday life.

So never discount your own ability or imagination. Imagination is one of your most valuable assets while creating a mini environment. Without it you may find what you attempt to create, basically speaking, will not fly. So always get creative with your imagination. You'll be pleasantly surprised at where you end up.

Who knows maybe you'll design the next wave of uniquely collectible dollhouses. Ones people will rave about for years to come.

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Visit our Toy Shoppe Online today for a variety of Mini House Supplies..... and How-to Books..... to upgrade your present knowledge, find designs or great accessories.

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