Dollhouse Flooring: Creating in Mini
What you See in your Own Home!

Dollhouse Flooring comes in Many Different Forms

Just like a real home dollhouses also have creative finishes for their floors. Some examples include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • rugs
  • wood
  • carpet
  • mini tiles

Explore Dollhouse Flooring Details

My Special Note to You:

Dollhouse Miniature Dark Walnut FlooringStay on this page for more examples of wooden dollhouse flooring.

Just because you have never seen your idea in action before in a miniature setting does not mean that you should throw your passion out. Be inventive and come up with new and unique-to-you designs. You will definitely have a richer life because of your adventuresome spirit..... Lois

Flooring and Your Hobby

With the establishing of your Mini Hobby you discover that just about any area you wish to explore has many things to offer you.

  • For instance in the area of floor covers there are papers you can apply to make your structure appear to be tiled throughout.

  • Then if you want a real wood floor or carpet or mini tiles these too can be had.

With special paper you can make the dollhouse flooring appear as though:

  • tiled,
  • hard wood
  • or linoleum....

These styles do not come with a heavy price tag. This kind of floor cover can be applied to suit most creative people's needs.

However do finish the floors in such a way as to help them look lifelike. Varnishes and glues can help with this process so ask questions when purchasing these items to make sure you get proper instruction on how to fit them to your current projects.

As with your own home, you know from experience

....In purchasing different items for your own use, REAL always comes with a higher price tag. The same scenario is present while purchasing different items for your miniature environment. Real will always cost you the most.

(Clicking on any picture above will take you to the actual product info.)

.... the story goes on

But think of the effect of a real wood floor as opposed to fake. What comments you will get from the added effort! And then think of how you will feel personally after having installed this awe-inspiring effect.

To say the least, your self esteem will rise to new levels. And yeah your hobby should make you feel relaxed, accomplished, successful and rewarded.

Dollhouse 1:24 Scale Aubusson Green Rug Dollhouse MiniatureCheck out tiny area rugs for your mansion also.

But going on with your design, mini carpet has one added characteristic that your home's carpet will never have. It doesn't get travelled on, never really dirty and always looks great.

Now I suppose you'd really love to shrink and live in your mini mansion, hm? I know so would I at times. For sure no one would interrupt you there.

Continuing on with our topic of dollhouse flooring though....

Miniature tiles can also be made or acquired. Isn't that amazing? Yes tiny tiles no less! Like I always like to emphasize, you can virtually get almost anything for your mini dwelling. Why not make it the best miniature going.

And while we are on the topic of tiles, if you do not find what you want... You can always make your own style out of thinly cut fimo clay. Owning a dollhouse is so very creative.

Anyway, all this talk of what we can do in the creation end of dollhouses makes a person simply want to stop writing and start creating.....

til next time.....

Keep working great ideas into your miniature environment....

Design Tip #12
Custom Design your Dollhouse in 3 Easy Steps

Home Designer Software Program
  1. Understand what you really want in a structure. What you like plays a huge roll at this stage. So know your own tastes well.
  2. Open Home Designer and begin picking the features you want. Choose the layout and add the finishing elements. 
  3. Print off your plan, gather your materials and begin constructing. Your tiny dwelling will have the added feature no store bought model contains. Your own sense of accomplishment and a job well done.

Showing off your structure is the icing on the cake. Make sure you prize the moments.

Visit the following Flooring Section below to see for yourself the variety of choices currently available!

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