Printable Building
Plan Checklist

Printable Building Plan Outline

Decide what to do first, second, third, etc...

Start by listing the large jobs. Work down room-by-room to the smaller jobs.

Take action and begin.

List good books and websites to aid in helping along the way.

Decide on colors just like for a real house.

Obtaining an artists color wheel may aid in visualizing what colors go well together. It may also keep you focused on choosing colors for your particular theme.

Choose a furniture design or designer as you work through your printable building plan.

This is where your own tastes and preferences come into play. Remember your choices make your doll's home individual and unique to you. So never throw away your own creative bend. This is your miniature mansion after all.

Draw up a budget for big and small projects.

Assign yourself a budget for your structure and commit to staying within it. Your hobby can be as inexpensive or expensive as you make it. So stay within your comfort zone for spending and you will come out a winner for sure.

If need be, do every area separately. If you are one who is desiring to do it all, it helps to see smaller pieces than enormous ones. Setting up your pricing format by room will help take your mind off the over all total.

Then decide on doing each area over a period of time. In this way your efforts will not seem so, all consuming and even be, ever-changing and always entertaining. This will enable you to be always working in different areas. Never bored with your construction projects.

Decide on who to assign projects to.

Is there a special child or grandchild around who would love to help you? Let them if possible. It will be fun for you and them. Make them a gofer or other job helper. Make their position important to you.

Above all think of this as your own tiny mansion. You're going to love the process as you advance in this printable building plan. Enjoyment is the best benefit of miniature creation. So never start without your share of it onboard. It will make the outcome that much sweeter.

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