Model Scale Calculator

Model Scale Calculator
This model scale calculator was provided courtesy of Jim's Dollhouse Pages. Check out his pages for imaginative dollhouse printables of every kind.

Scale Calculator Instructions

Leave no Doll House avenue unexplored with this excellent scale calculator.

Enter the original size in either English or Metric units. Pick the original scale and the scale to convert to. Then press "Calculate." The answer will be shown in both English and Metric units.

You must have a JavaScript-enabled browser for this to work. Just about any newer web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) will automatically include java script. If the scale calculator doesn't work for you now, you'll want to download a newer version of your web browser.

The Scale Calculator Begins Here

Take this measurement
in English units
Feet + Inches + / of an inch
in Metric units

and convert them to

Show English units answer as

(don't type in these fields, they are for the answer)

Feet + Inches + (may be rounded)
or (unrounded):

This scale calculator will make measuring your details that much easier. We hope all our visitors, customers and readers get the help needed to succeed at their amazing Doll House hobby.

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