Advertising Policies

Our Advertising Policies. We are affiliates of a number of online businesses. Of which we are enthusiastic about representing.

Authorized Affiliate

Our Authorized Affiliate & Ad Policies page.

An explanation about our advertising policies:

It is intriguing doing business online. Those of you who pursue this kind of enterprise know what we are talking about.

Those of you who do not, it's like any other business you see online or offline. Every business around seeks to earn a living while providing you with a necessary real service.

We strive to constantly upgrade our knowledge and instruction base. And to represent the best of the best for your sakes and ours at all times.

It's fun and honest work. And work it is. Testing product lines, displaying advertisements, selling our own products, coming up with new ideas....

You may have noticed our affiliate link to the right of all pages on our site. 'Advertising Policies plus Authorized Affiliate Info' This link takes you to this page where we list all our sponsors corporately together.

It's all work and they who would tell you differently are not giving you thorough enough information! That's a strong statement, but none the less, true. is constructed as a free information site, where we review different items we feel will be of honest interest to our readers. While striving to be exemplary in our conduct to you always.

And yes, most emphatically, we endeavour to make a living from our site everyday. Just as you seek your pay check we survive when people like you honor us by honoring our sponsors and purchasing products from us and them.

So everyone comes out a winner in this situation. We are basically all partners in this together.

We will always be updating this Ad Policies section from time to time.And yes adding more sponsors as we become confident on your behave that they will provide you with more options, findings, ideas, and experiences.

A Special Word regarding Amazon: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

Concerning our Ad Policies

The Following is a List of all Companies and Sites we are Compensated by:

  • Ads by Google

Affiliate Networks we work with:

  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction

See any missing info on our Advertising Policies page? Contact our site to let us know here.

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Dear Friend at the Doll House:

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. So accordingly any link to Amazon opens in a new window on their site and gives us a commission if you buy. In turn it helps earn a small amount toward maintaining this site. Thank you for helping us keep doing what we enjoy.

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