The Royal Wedding
of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and KateYour own Display. As with any royal dollshouse this royal wedding has just as much charm. So beginning with that thought in mind...

Can you imagine being a princess in your own royal wedding? Most ceremonies would seem to copy royalty in their structure.

We can imagine that your own celebration was or will be as awesome. Most people do try to make it a grand affair.

So here, your own Passion Starts the Scene...

Catch the vision of all this event's happenings.

This is the place it begins... with your passion. Put yourself in the picture...

From the invitations to the rings to the flowers to the grand dresses to the tuxedos.

Everything must be just so. And so this ceremony was. It was all that and more...

A Royal Wedding . . .

. . . would seem to have just as many artisans on hand to work as they had with Queen Mary's Dollhouse.

Everyone hurrying here and scheduling events there. Simply a hub of activity for this royal wedding.

Can your imagination envision all of this busy-ness? What kind of a miniature display would it make?

Royal wedding couple William and Kate

It would make quite a doll's house project in itself. Think in terms of all the details.

Both of the larger item scale, such as the horse drawn coach, and also the minute details, such as the bride's bouquet.

What a project!

This would be quite the massive dollshouse undertaking! Just this royal wedding itself without any other details added!

The first steps in any project is getting to know the information surrounding your creation's aim.

With that thought in mind, the following items can begin the process of developing your own miniature scene. Study them for details and then create your own version of this ceremony in whatever scale you desire. Each of these links will open separate windows.

Whether you're currently living in a today atmosphere in your dollhouse, or copying from some other century with your existing doll house projects... Always be looking in historical events to add interest and grandeur to all you plan for your dollhouse today.

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