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A Workshop Solution??

Become a Dollhouse Bookworm

Is a Doll House Workshop the Solution to finding More Information on your preferred Topic of Choice?

One of simplest ways to educate yourself concerning miniature creation is to enrol in a local doll house workshop.

However one particular problem may arise with this idea. There may be no course or seminar in your locale worth enrolling in.

Miniature Problem or Solution?

A miniature workshop available in your area may not contain the information you are looking for to further your education regarding your chosen topic.

Plus the courses listed in another area may be for only one day and not contain the in-depth information you seek. Therefore these offerings may not be worth the money you will spent to attend.

One solution to this situation would be to plan a trip at the time of a well outlined course's commencement.

The New Dolls' House Do-It-Yourself Book: In 1/12 and 1/16 Scale

I have yet to find books on a miniature topic that does not lift you up and carry you away into that world. You get so involved and grabbed by the various interesting items you can create and with people like Venus & Martin Dodge, your journey is ensured to be a pleasant one. I found 'The New Do-It-Yourself Book' an absolute treasure trove of new and exciting ideas. Thank you, Venus and Martin Dodge, for sharing your passion with others.

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Doll House Workshop Solutions at your Fingertips

Another solution may be to attend your chosen course right online.

Online tutorials are the answer when you want to attend an informative dollhouse course but because of time and the cost of travel you feel you can not be physically present to join the offline group.

Online seminars take a fair bit of research to find though. Anyone working or researching online knows very well how much time it actually does take to locate just what you want.

Searching can Take Time

Some people, do seem to think that finding the desire of your heart online takes no time at all. All that mentality needs to get a fresh idea of reality though is to start a doll house workshop search themselves and then they realise the truth. No part of searching online is a snap, if you don't know how to search.

But getting back to miniature courses online... At first glance there does not seem to be many of these. However, there are plenty of do-it-yourself information if you care to pursue specific topics.

On the following website we found a list of dollshouse information plus superb pictures with links containing the how-to information a person may be looking for.

Mastering Online Research: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective and Efficient Search Strategies

I am still in the process of reading Mastering Online Research, but I have found so far that it is the best book on the subject of the 4 that I've purchased. I am highlighting and marking pages. I do online research as part of my job, and I've found that other books on this subject haven't told me anything I don't already know. Not true of this book. It's been very helpful.
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Making Miniature Gardens (Master Craftsmen)
I recently ordered "Making Miniature Gardens" and was delighted when I opened it. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. It is color throughout, with specific detailed directions on how to create many specific types of flowers (begonia, several rose types, camellia, hollyhocks, poppy, geranium, delphinium, larkspur, nasturtium, petunia, iris, pansy, chrysanthemum, dahlia, carnation, & aster). All look quite realistic, except the pansy (too bad, its my favorite flower). It also describes how to put together many specific garden types, including a water effect.
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Your Best Solution can be Books

Another great idea regarding accessing construction info though...

...Would be to search out great instructional books to teach yourself everything from constructing simple rooms to tackling a major doll's home itself.

This page of course contains a sampling of great book ideas to get you started and well on your way. They can in effect, become your very own doll house workshop. One that is always available when you are.

Making Character Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale Making Character Dolls' Houses in 1/12 Scale gives measured drawings and building instructions for five different buildings: a cider barn, a forge, the "Swan Inn", a really large Georgian style structure and a water mill. These are not (with the exception of the Georgian design) your "typical structures". Still, the buildings are charming, the directions are complete and you might be TIRED of typical dollhouses. There are also many color photos of finished interiors, and a last chapter devoted to the workshop which covers safety, tools and techniques. Quote from

Miniature Worlds in 1/12th ScaleI have made dollhouses and miniature furniture and have used unusual things to create the furniture and furnishings. I borrowed this book from the library and couldn't put it down. Couldn't wait to get started and wasn't happy about having to return it to the library. I found so many inexpensive easy ways to create so many things to add to the dollhouses. I couldn't wait until Mother's Day to get Miniature Worlds in 1/12th Scale as a gift. Went right to to get it NOW. Didn't even want to search in the stores. Thank you for having this available! Quote from

Get excited about all you can do with your miniature hobby! Teach yourself the basics or plan a major project. Advance your hobby today!

Visit our Toy Shoppe online today for furnishings....  and books.... to upgrade your present knowledge, find designs or ready-made accessories.

Home Designer Suite

Design Tip #17
Construction Made Easy ..

Another way to gain information on construction ideas you may be wanting. Is to invest in our favorite software program. Use Home Designer to get the extra knowledge you are looking for. They provide numerous videos, tutorials and online help. You can access this info on or conveniently from there extensive website. Either way you will be well on your way to developing the mini structural talent you desire.

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