Ariella Dollhouse Plan

The Ariella Dollhouse Plan is a modern structural design that beginners or more advanced builders and collectors will want to add to their collection. Have the skills? ... This house is for you ...

The Beginning of your Plan...

The Ariella in 1:12 Scale by DollHouseDesigns.COM

The Ariella Plan - version built by David Yorke, Stevenage, UK

To start with this plan comes with a small page index and a set of detailed specific drawings.

The page index includes items such as:

  • Plan, 2 types of views

  • 1st & 2nd Floor panels

  • 3rd Floor panel

  • Pages 4 to 7  wall patterns

  • Roof panels

  • Plywood sheet layout
  • Floor plans + roof wedge detail

  • Corner construction detail

  • Assembly sequence

  • Roof and purlin detail

  • Stair detail

  • Window placement

Design Tip #5
Take your Design Skills to the next Level

Easy to advance yourself with special software to help. For instance, different rooms on the same floor can have unique floor and ceiling heights, allowing you to create:

  • Split levels and bi-levels
  • Sunken living rooms and garages
  • Cathedral and coffered ceilings

In 3D views, you can adjust the default floor and ceiling height for the entire floor or the floor and ceiling height for an individual room. Quote from Home Designer Help Files.

Small Sampling of Ariella Photos to View

Visually Detailed Instructions for Project Completion

Ariella - Sample Drawing
Ariella - Various Views
Ariella Dollhouse Plan
The Ariella by DollHouseDesigns.COM
Ariella - Inside Plan View
Ariella - Front Plan View

Finished Project Examples

Original design by DollHouseDesigns.COM

The Ariella
The original design by 

Ariella by Rich Major

The Ariella - built by Rich Major - Pittsburgh, PA

Ariella by Bob Sutton

The Ariella - built by Bob Sutton - Tacoma, Washington

The Ariella Dollhouse

About DollHouseDesigns.COM

Provides support to the builders:

  • Downloading help 
  • Project saving support 
  • Material selection ideas 
  • Building problem solutions

Explore this unique plan today with the link provided here. We just know you will love the detail provided. You will not want to wait to get started. Seeing as it is downloadable you will not have to wait to begin.

All illustrations used with permission from DollHouseDesigns.COM

At present this dollhouse is no longer provided by DollHouseDesigns.COM. As with so many businesses online and off this website has disappeared from the web lineup. Too bad really we enjoyed the designs we found there. But with everything in life where one dies another can emerge.

A three story, six room modern dollhouse with large living room, formal dining room, two bedrooms and bath. Skill/experience level - intermediate.

This dollhouse plan sports abundant illustrations to help in the finishing of your project. Each with complete measurements in 1:12 scale.

We don't know about you but pictures always clarify what something is suppose to look like. Whereas if someone only explains the instructions in text form you usually end up wondering if you got all the details right.

Not so if you see the finished project. Specifically step by step illustrated and detailed as this project is.

A Project with Definite Character Emerges

The Ariella was the first PlanSet released Quote Jon Lash

This dollhouse project has character and imagination. Which is a plus from just simply building a house with three walls. If a project lacks outward character you might as well say it.... It's probably going to be boring. So we like the exterior look of this project. The different degrees of the front make it interesting at first glance. 

All in all a great pattern to envision finishing and getting into the nitty gritty of interior decoration. The fun you will have as you set your imagination free to create this tiny dwelling. How will you style your interior? What furnishing will you choose? 

Plus it comes with a bonus pak of instructions for the following items:

  • Fireplace
  • Exterior Brick Chimney
  • Windows
  • 3 in 1 Shingles
  • Doors
  • Window Treatment - Exterior
  • Handcrafted Trim Ideas
  • Measurements & Conversions Section 

Also one of the best deals at purchase time as you read your options from DollHouseDesigns.COM is the ability to buy additional designs at half price each. That's right.

When you see that you will immediately want to take the opportunity. All we can say is, you will not be disappointed but rather pleasantly surprised at all the details and designs featured in any pack you acquire.


At present this dollhouse is no longer provided by DollHouseDesigns.COM. As with so many businesses online and off this website has disappeared from the web lineup. Too bad really we enjoyed the designs we found there. But with everything in life where one dies another can emerge.


Ariella Dollhouse Plan w/BonusPac

Ariella Dollhouse Plan

Specific Features of the Ariella Dollhouse Plan

The Ariella is a modern design featuring:

  • Three floor design
  • Chalet style roof
  • Large living room
  • Formal dining room
  • Two Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Attic 
  • Playroom
  • Split stairway to 2nd floor with landing and return.

PlanSet Details

A project using 3/4, 1/2, and 3/16 (5mm) cabinet grade plywood with both cut and formed dadoes.

Experience Levels

  • Skill/experience level - intermediate.
  • For the builder with limited experience
  • For the scratch builder with moderate woodworking experience

Quote from DollHouseDesigns.COM

Ariella Dollhouse Plan w/BonusPac

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