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Design Tip #11
Imagine Filming a Walkthrough of your Miniature !

Home Designer Software Program


A 3D Walkthrough is a series of picture files saved in .avi format that can be played like a movie by other applications such as Windows Media Player.

There are two ways to record a walkthrough:

  1. Draw a path in floor plan view using the CAD tools, then direct the program to record a walkthrough along that path.
  2. Create a 3D view, then begin recording and use the Move Camera tools to navi­gate through the view. Quote from Home Designer User's Guide

Antique Doll House. Do you want to part with yours?

Furnished Dollhouses Book

The antique doll house is of the rare, extremely collectible type. Do you have one? Whatever you do be positive you want to part with it...

Continue reading "Antique Doll House. Do you want to part with yours?"

Our Latest News Today

Barbie Camper Adventure 2

Our Latest News Today in every shape, size and assortment. Check here for more on your all-time favorite Doll House topics and unique ideas.

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Barbie Camper Van Adventure

Barbie Camper Adventure 3

Barbie camper van adventure. Her nomad escapade. Find all about her fashion doll plans here

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Dollhouse Friends Craft Projects Welcome Page

Dollhouse Album

Join our ever growing Dollhouse Friends craft projects community by sharing your dollhouse pics and stories. General Dollhouse stories welcomed and encouraged.

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Furniture for Dollhouses for Sale

Furniture for dollhouses for sale and other inquiries

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Queen Anne Rowhouse

Queen Anne Rowhouse

Do you know anything about the Queen Anne Rowhouse? If you can help Jo to find kit items. Please help here.

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Help with Construction Needed

Help with construction ideas for these dollhouse needs.

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Restore Yellowed Miniatures Dollhouses

Sad house

Help with ideas to restore yellowed miniatures dollhouses

Continue reading "Restore Yellowed Miniatures Dollhouses"

Dollhouse Exhibit Shows Info

Various dollhouse exhibit shows info and listings

Continue reading "Dollhouse Exhibit Shows Info"

Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy update. Everyone is concerned these days about the privacy issue. Find out about your Privacy At the Doll House now.

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Your Favourite Collector Doll House Stories

Your Favourite Collector Doll House Stories are presented on this page. Join in the fun. Tell one, tell them all. You are invited.

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All About You is what This Page is All About.

All About You is finally here. Want to contribute to our site. This is the page to do it.

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Project Secondary Suite

What is Project Secondary Suite? If you know what one of these is, great... However if you have never heard of one these find out here...

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Begin a Royal Wedding doll house display today.

A Royal Wedding dollhouse display of your own. Imagine all the tiny adorable details of a wedding. Then make it royal and see what you discover. Train your mind to add just the right features and...

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Polymer Clay Projects - The Creative side of your Doll House Hobby.

Are you interested in Polymer Clay Projects? Start with this super one Today! Get as creative as you want.

Continue reading "Polymer Clay Projects - The Creative side of your Doll House Hobby."

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