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Architectural Secrets to Help you With Every Phase of your Construction Plans. We Expose Seven Top Ways to Improve your Structural Knowledge. Build Dollhouse Mansions you Have Only Dreamed of Until Now. Ones that Look Like a Real Home.

Architectural Designs seen Around your Neighborhood Miniaturize all you See for Great Plan Ideas

Build Fun, Creative Dollhouse Plans

Current Dollhouse Styles of Today You can Do Better

Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit
Woodworking Project Paper Plan
Traditional Barbie Dollhouse
Pierce Dollhouse
Real Good Toys White Dollhouse
Wooden Dollhouse Kit

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Banish Fear and Doubt with Knowledge.
Get Started Today Designing What You Want.

Yes, Banish Fear and Doubt with Knowledge. Get Started Today Designing What You Want.

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7 Ways this EBook reveals How You can Design Better, Quicker Plans than You ever Thought Possible

  1. How developing your own dollhouse plans will help you get exactly what you want. Every time, all the time.

  2. How to get all the information that makes your plan work. And work well for the family heirlooms you design.

  3. How to build your dollhouse fast... Even when you're pressed for time.

  4. The easiest way to gain access to great plans online without spending a tonne of money.

  5. How to use this often overlooked "tip" to maximize your structural plans and save money that most people tend to forget about. Or think unimportant.

  6. Why THESE finishes will get the results you have been dreaming of.

  7. The steps needed to establish your choice way of  developing your own dollhouse ideas.

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The Minis Zine

A Build Doll House Plans Minis Zine Thank You. We usually send out our Zine at the end of each month. So look for it in your email between the 24th and 31st. We have to tell you though we are not aggressive in our approach at all. Our goal is to help everyone who subscribes to be as comfortable as we ourselves would want to be.

#2) Free EBook 10 Important Tips to Great Dollhouse Design

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design

Our Free EBook. Receive our Free EBook 10 Important Tips to Great Dollhouse Design. As a further way of expressing our thanks to you. 

  • Read more about our Free EBook found here. You will discover as others have how encouragement goes a long way in your creative design. Come away with definite ideas after researching your next adventuresome project.

#3) Printable Building Plan Checklist

Printable Building Plan Checklist. Our third thank you is a great tool. It will keep you ever on target to finishing your own dollhouse building goals on time. So don't be afraid to use it. Copy it over into your own notepad. Add your own ideas. Calculate all the areas you will need to complete of how-to build doll house plans. Detailed lists are what will get the fun finished and you onto your next adventure in mini. Enjoy.

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