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Get on your Mark, Get Set, Go...

Plan to Build a Dollhouse Today

Build a Dollhouse Today! Realize you are the only person holding you back from your true "mini" goals...

Are you procrastinating about building your dollhouse?

Chances are that you are or will. It's really a mindset that invades us all. You and I know it's true.

So now that we have that out of the way we can move on to more important decisions. That is getting truly passed procrastination.

A good friend of mine once told me that the hardest part of any job was getting there. Deciding to go was my most trying time. If this is you then you are not alone.

The Goals you Set are Up to you ..

But say you... What do I do to increase getting things done that I want to do but still procrastinate over?

Some Build a Dollhouse Idea Books

You simply begin today to have a different mindset. One that says I will not let anything stand in my way. You sort of have to treat yourself roughly and determine in you not to interrupt yourself and your creative time.

Yes yes I know those dishes and things need doing today. However do they not need doing every day? I know. They will be there whether or not you choose to have fun or whatever you do.

And add this to that thought as well... whether you use that half or whole hour to build a dollhouse, your FUN project, the time will pass anyway.

So the decision is yours.... Do you let yourself enjoy life or not? Or do you simply become a worker bee? All work and less and less fun leaves you with no excitement in your life. That's a sad state of affairs.

Try this Technique ..

One basic technique I have learned well about work that needs getting done...

Generally if it has to do with chores around my home... I think to myself... I don't have time for all of it but I do have time for a small portion thoroughout the day. So that's what I do. I will fold 5 items of clothing and move on.

That's if you work at home. Like me. I work at home but I like my home tidy. I like order. So I do things in small chunks. And you know, I get what is needed done.

But I as well set up a good calendar and stick to it. If it isn't time for housework I don't do it. I make plenty of time for my fun projects.

Mostly my fun moments these days are spent working on my creative website e-business. I love writing and have realized I can not keep pushing it away in favor of housework or something else. That to me resembles goose chasing. And I try to do as little of that as possible.

I also have set up a definite schedule for housework where that is all I do. And I do that on only one day. Except for laundry which I figure just about takes care of itself until you think of folding it.

Mental and Written Plans are both Essential...

Mentally plan to build a dollhouse today and then work it into a physical schedule or you won't do it. Work of some sort will sneak in there and you know it. So when you think of your plans write them down.

Getting organized mentally and physically is your greatest stumbling block to entering into a fun moment to build a dollhouse.

Once you're organized and doing what you truly want for that hour. You will find as I do, that, gee the time flew so fast and now it's over, boo hoo. But if you plan it right you can get a lot done in an hour.

Books to Help Build your Dollhouse

Design Tip #2: Learn to Design with the Pros!

Home Designer 2014

Open up your copy of Home Designer
and begin studying all the "spot on" information. This program really tells you how to design great structures from scratch. All the info you need is located right in the program itself. So you never have to worry about where to find them. The instructional "how-to" videos are plainly marked as you open the software under the heading "Tutorial Videos". By the time you have studied the first of these online helps you will be well on your way to controlling any design you want to create. In an environment that is geared to help you simply each step of the way.

8 Tips to Help your Build a Dollhouse Schedule be Productive

  1. Never set up your allotted time for longer than seems comfortable, attainable and enjoyable. In other words if you take too long and it causes stress cut back your allotment. Remember you are working out moments for fun not working stress into your life.

  2. Always have everything set up and ready to go. Plan a place to build a dollhouse. A place for your current project to live. Then tell other people this is my project area do not touch. Make sure to keep it tidy for your own sake. Just so you will not feel the need to be cleaning this area.

  3. Keep good notes as to where you stop so you can pick right back up where you left off. Writing this part down will help jog your memory as where to start working again. Never make the mistake of thinking you will remember.

  4. Have your fun mind in gear before you arrive. Do not allow yourself to think of this as work or you ruin your pleasure first not last.

  5. Make sure you get something definite accomplished in this hour. If it is painting your mini structure have a goal point. Use things like hair dryers to speed up dry times so you can move on quickly to other things.

  6. Do project parts in small chunks. If all you got to on the first day of any project was to set it up, make some notes and set some solid goals. Then pat yourself on the back and make definite plans to return.

  7. Mark your return on your own schedule. Plan it out just like you would any appointment and keep it. Tell anyone who tries to get in that time that, no you build a dollhouse then, sorry you can not do what they want. This will be the biggest blessing or gift to you that you can make for yourself.

  8. Lastly on exiting your creative project time, make sure it is tidy and well organized or it will work against you actually having fun. It will become a pain instead of a true pleasure. Exit with your project tidy and in position to begin work again.

'til next time... Always determine in yourself: This is my dollhouse and I am doing the most amazing job ever!

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