Miniature Porcelain Dolls

The First Step in Choosing your Next Perfectly Scaled Project!

A nanny and baby for your doll house.

When it comes to miniature porcelain dolls online there are a variety of places to investigate for their offerings.

One of the simplest places to start with though is Amazon. The assortment is high quality and extensive. And most people are familiar with Amazon's services. So the shopping is easy.

Choose the Right Historical Setting

Picking out your family requires first knowing what period mini structure you have chosen to pursue.

Precious Moments Thanksgiving Collection Precious Moments

  • Is it a house that is being lived in by people of the present day surrounded by articles like you yourself would use? or,
  • Is it a house that is modern yet the people living there love collecting antique furnishings? or,
  • How about one right out of time travel, like for example, back in the 18th century....

These are all things you should be considering, especially if you want your doll house atmosphere to be successful and consistent throughout the house.

Perhaps acquiring your miniature people would be the first step in deciding what miniature structure to pick in the first place.

With the above scenario in mind begin to envision what they, themselves would possess in their tiny worlds. Imagine them living out their lives right before you.

Yes even go so far as to place yourself mentally in the mini of your choice. Living there.

Imagine, if you will for a minute, your miniature people there with you. Practically become one of them.

Or use your own family and picture them as the family in your current project.

This simple process should start you thinking in terms of what everyday items they, your mini people would need to live comfortably. Then you really have a start point of focus which will take you through to the completion of your structure.

A great book to detail the fashionable people to use with the house style of your choice is Decorate a Doll's House: Styles from 1630 to the Present Day by Michal Morse, also featured here on our Toy Shoppe Online.It has lots of info to consider as you pursue your own mini collectables.

Miniature Porcelain Dolls for Your Collection

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History of Miniature Porcelain Dolls

We are not sure exactly when miniature porcelain dolls came to be incorporated into our world. However there is a bit of information about the arrival of porcelain in regards to toys in the 19th century.

These types of children's toys were beginning to emerge somewhere between the 17th and 19th centuries. But it is surprising to find that children generally did not have toys of any sort pushed at them like they do today. At least not mass produced.

Of course wide spread design of toys really didn't seem to appear in Europe until the mid 1800s. And in America it was even slower than that.

Doesn't seem possible does it? ....that America would be behind the times or even slow to start? But even America has to have a beginning somewhere.

But now miniature porcelain dolls may have had their start when they began to see dollhouses as something to be treasured.

And of course all through history we know that people have always fashioned toys of all sorts themselves. It's just that they were not widely produced until later centuries.

Delight and Inspire the Collector in You. Just by adding the dolls that you want to your tiny structure may get you headed in the right direction with your miniature environment. So these are important mood setters to consider.

Your doll house maid."From the 15th century, fashionable toy people were popular in Europe as gifts among monarchs and courtiers and were important in the spread of costume styles.

These types of toys brought to the American colonies exemplified the latest European fashions in dress and coiffure.

By the 17th century, playdolls were commonly used by both boys and girls. Sonneberg, Germany, was noted from the 17th century as a center for wooden designs in this category, and by the 19th century the town led also in the making of toys with china heads."

Quote taken from researching the keyword "doll" The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2008. Retrieved June 15, 2010 from Miniature Porcelain Dolls in History.

More Dolls to Choose... Not Porcelain

For your Information: Clicking on the picture will take you to that product in a new window. Selecting the "Go" button above will take you to many more items to consider on Amazon.

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