Barbie Camper Van Adventure

Barbie made to move doll

A true camper van adventure. Has your fashion doll always dreamed of becoming a nomad? Well ours has. So stay tuned we will be sorting out topics of vehicles, building out her van, clothing, food, destinations and precisely anything she could possibly need to get her moving.

New Brunswick Rocks

The First Stop in this Adventure

The first stop in this camper van adventure has to be:

  • Does she purchase a new or used van? 
  • Or does she start from scratch?

Camper Van Build from Scratch?

Barbie made to move doll

Rationally if she starts from scratch that's a whole lot of thinking and time. As well I myself would have to be very skilled in building, technically smart about automotive and basically make it look great.

Would not want a famous doll to look like she was driving around in a piece of junk. She could very well have accidents, be laughed at and called names ... I'm sure. So a build it myself is possibly out of the question already?

Then again, maybe that's the most fun. After all we are here having fun. And also improving our skills in this art. So what do you think?

Purchase Van .. New or Used?

Do I purchase the van and renovate? Should it be brand new or used? If vintage it could be costly. If brand new it could be set in its style and all plastic like. Hmm, so many questions.

Do nomads have a lot of time to plan? Those on the road already, seem to have loads of freedom and plenty of time to do what they want. Or simply to just have life on their terms. Some are even building as they travel. Which does seems somewhat fun and uncomplicated.

Barbie loves (at least mine does) she loves uncomplicated. Pay as you go. Renovating on the fly. Who renovates on a fly? (Just my squirrelly question pay no attention.) (Sometimes questions like this just materialize.)

Barbie Camper Van Adventure from Scratch

Thinking just like our title above. From scratch: What would be easiest and fun? A heavy duty cardboard box seems do-able. The measurements could be very accommodating to our needs as well.

Looking at the modern fashion doll vans online the measurements are 9W x 24L x 13H (inches). Cardboard cartons around my place are somewhat like that already.

In Christ Focus

The camp must be holy, for the Lord walks among you to protect you and to cause your enemies to fall before you; and the Lord does not want to see anything indecent lest he turn away from you. (Deuteronomy 23:14)

Also I have to remember the fashion doll scale at every turn too. Fashion doll scale is as follows: Every foot converts to 2 inches for Barbie. So that is 1/6. One Barbie inch equals 6 of my big people inches. Hmm the plot thickens.

And with the beginning of our plans do not start with the wheels or tires. First the box. Then work in tires done like a real van. They are set in the sides. All I have to do is copy how something looks.

Essentially .. I think .. Maybe ..


Hot Tip: If you follow this, a starlink carton is awesome as far as measurements for Barbie. Absolutely amazing.

Though if you plan for your doll to sleep crosswise in her vehicle you may have to find a bit wider carton.

Starlink Carton

You could lay the box on its side. However that will cause you possibly to create a high top roof. Simply because who ever envisions a stooped over fashion doll camping? Not I. Nor may you.

My starlink carton measurements are: 10.5W x 24.25L x 14.24H (inches).

This starlink carton scenario could prove imaginative, creative and fun. Though I have to say I'm not finished planning. I could still find my ideal 12 x 12 x 24 carton yet.

Create Fashion Doll Camper from Purchase

To purchase a ready made van and renovate. You have to know where might be the best place to find a great deal. So lets explore where to shop.

Mattel might be one of the first places to go. Just because they specialize in this particular fashion doll. Barbie has her roots at Mattel. Who knows the lady that created her? Ruth Handler was her name. You can read about her on Wikipedia now.

Here is a Small List of possible Other Suppliers:

Barbie made to move doll
  • Mattel
  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Esty
  • Canadian Tire (store in Canada)
  • Overstock (for dollhouse ideas)
  • Walmart
  • Kijiji
  • Kohls
  • Pottery Barn Kids (for different offerings)
  • Wayfair
  • Craigslist

Some of these admittedly have few vehicles, but still have dollhouses. Great for the study of what you could fashion for your Barbie camper van adventure.

Always look at ideas of how to fashion. It will open you up to more possibilities. And that's exciting. Even go so far as to examine full size vans.

I truly enjoy SoloBuildIt. In part of the program it was super easy to find suggestions of where one could purchase a fashion doll camper van.

Speaking of Vans and Possible Problems ..

Barbie Book

One of the scenarios that I have discovered is the "tires" for a van I may build. Where do I get just tires?

Hmm, I have looked at Amazon in its department of miniature supplies. I could not imagine building my own axles with tires and mounting them successfully. My husband could build such as this but not me. I definitely am not a mechanic.

Even a search online seemed empty. Nothing was turning up at all that I wanted. It just seemed like that was not the direction this was taking.

So what to do?

Then the resulting thought hit me. Get a fashion doll vehicle for the tire structures only. It never occurred to me at first. That I did not need a van. I only need a Barbie vehicle. Period. If I create my own I only need a couple sets of wheels that fit my purpose. Clever I say.

Now off for a Bit of Lunch

While creating all these things for a traveling fashion doll, one does develop an appetite. So how about munching on the choices below.

Do you think you could create these appealing dishes? Or would you prefer to purchase them ready made?

This is Barbie .. good luck .. her food may look rather plastic and tasteless. Lets look and see what we discover. Barbie doll food that looks real from Amazon.

Amazon does tell a tale. Does it not? Plastic and some of it really does not say what scale they used in their creation. Making my own does seem rather inviting.

Must make my Food as Real Looking as these Examples

As stated above we will be taking you on a journey into this Barbie Camper Van Adventure. A journey of building and styling things like a camper van, furnishings for inside, food to eat, what she will wear, storage, destinations and more. Come travel with us as we do.

Solo Build It!
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