Want to Connect with People who still enjoy Fashion Doll House Design?

I have good news for you - you have landed in the right place!

On site together we explore fashion doll house design from the 1960s to the 1990s. If you do love these dolls you have found a home for yourself.

Bring out your Creative Side

I enjoy designing items from scratch. Just like in my youth. Styling them then is no problem. When you have creative enthusiasm.

Plenty of tips and ideas will also be given toward you designing what you enjoy.

Take pleasure in what you have developed with your own hands. Put that little extra here and there to call them your own originals.

Fashion Doll House Design. We can do it together.

Modern Fashion Dollhouse one RoomBasic modern Fashion Dollhouse on the market today. Together let's create something different!

Here together we will explore fashion doll house design from the 1960s to the 1990s.

If you enjoy these dolls you'll like that we not only ...

Small blue dollhouse

design items from scratch and pass on information to you as we do. You will enjoy our craft share excursions.

Small brown dollhouse

style them with elements right out of your own mind. Training you to grab those ideas that fight for the freedom in you to be expressed.

Small green dollhouse

give tips and ideas for original designs so you can pull more out of every idea you come up with. Take your talent to the next level as you desire.

Small light blue dollhouse

build dollhouses for them. Try design elements out and see what happens. We both know you will succeed. So get started today.

Small pink dollhouse

use what you learn in real life. Having trouble figuring out how a room should look. Design it in mini. Add items for your "I've got it!" moment. Tiny designs can help with life too.

Small purple dollhouse

talk more about all dollhouses. All kinds. For a basis of dollhouse design and where it comes from. We study the history to find out what we can add to our existing design. You never know when an idea will surface.

Put your worries to rest dollhouse design is fun and we will accomplish it as a community.

I'm celebrating today along with you - because you've come to the place where creative fashion dollhouse people thrive!

Doll House 2nd Floor Large View

Here's some of what you'll find on this site

Quick links - find what you want here, or carry on reading!

Find YOUR Best Doll House Solution

The Doll House - Tiny Homes and More

We are a two-fold doll house / fashion doll website. On one side we focus all our attention on  helping you build your dollhouse stuff. Such as how you can create quality structures and items for yourself or others.

Then taking it to the next level in designing the plans from scratch and other techniques. However if you are not driven that way we have items for sale as well. Actual houses, kits, furnishings and more.

Click on any picture here. It will open the gallery and you can view Stacey in a life-like view. Once opened hit the button in the top right corner for even more detail. Enjoy.

Stacey 1960s
Stacey 1960s
Stacey 1960s

Your Doll House Story Begins Now ...

Your Dollhouse Your Way

With us, imagine a Doll House, home object or clothing so creative and compelling you'd envy the Miniature Dolls who owned these. Relaxing Fun a Main Focus.

So Creative, Compelling

We've all heard how little children develop what they love at a young age. This is where we start our miniature adventure. In our childhood.

What better or ideal place to begin? A place that is fun and carefree. Teach yourself to be a big kid all over again. Bring back fun in all you do.

Free EBook

FREE EBook. Get inspired every step of the way. You can do anything you put your mind to do.

Get Your Copy

Modern Dollhouse Designs

Talk about getting to know where our designs come from. Here we discuss all kinds. Will you try one?

Modern Designs

Dollhouse Plans

A place to start your ideas flowing. Get your checklist so you know you have your plan. Feel ready? Begin.

Doll House Plans

The Problems that Arise ...

There basically are some problems with the above scenario. And we all know it. Most of us think we do not have the time, talent or needed resources to create that blissful picture above.

Move Forward

... a Doll House or furnishings or clothing so creative and compelling you'd envy the Miniature Dolls who owned these. Relaxing Fun a Main Focus ...

Mostly it is in what we allow ourselves to pursue. We can keep telling ourselves we can not do this or that to the point when there is no more time.

Or we can start today and release good ideas into our lives and benefit from each one we incorporate.

Improvement is always costly. But indeed at the same time staying stubborn and immovable is costly as well. Always calculate both scenarios and see the benefits on both sides.

Most times you can not afford the negative outcome for anything. So give yourself a break and always and in all things pursue excellence.

Plastic Canvas Book

One of my all time favorite books that contain a doll's dwelling. Find out why it is so unique. The most fun to have now.

Plastic Canvas Style

At the dollhouse blog

Join the fun of our community. Find out what's cooking on site. This is the place to check back often and explore.

Visit the Minis Blog

Dollhouse Boutique

Curious about what is available regarding doll houses. Look no further. Get ideas for birthdays or any calendar occasion.

Doll House Boutique

Tackling the Doll House "Not Enough Time" Issue ...

Learning to say "no" and "delegating tasks" is important here. Have you ever started something and knew right away that the job at hand was a waste of your time? Like you know you are spinning your wheels somehow? And you have succeeded in taking yourself way off course for your entire day.

Right in that moment it is important to know when to stop any task that is not in the plan.

Saying no to yourself or others when what you or they want will take you way off course is a lesson well learnt. This step leads to more productivity in your overall doll house creations. 

However, though it has to be you who does it for you. You can not watch others practicing this concept and benefit. It takes a hands on approach from you. And that part is fully in your control. 

You can cancel some activities and incorporate others to the point where you are well on your way to developing the ideal scenario for you, your life and your hobbies.

Small blue dollhouse

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The Talent and Needed Resources just a Step Away ...

Think talent may be a hard one to establish? We know you have looked at your designing efforts in the past and thought "no way ..." Maybe you have even been guilty of using your finished design to practice your aim at the garbage can.

What we want to do is encourage you to do more not less. Practice design elements to the point of acquiring not just one but several skills.

Though not just practicing them but in the end mastering them. So you then have a fistful of talents you can bring to mind and be happy with you over.

Ones that energize your self esteem.

Your best doll house goal is the one outlined in the previous paragraphs. Life is after all what you make it. Whether you enjoy the journey or not all lies in your hands.

So make a commitment today to establish real fun in your life. Begin your dollhouse journey here ...

Your Solution to Getting the Dollhouse of your Dreams ...

We promise when you sign up to create dollhouse plans like an excited designer you will be well on your way to developing the items you have always dreamed of but never found.

Some of the Things you will be able to Accomplish

1869 Cottage by Dollhouse Designs Jon Lash
Bird Wreath 12 inch scale
Barbie dollhouse pattern
Miniature Wine Bottles with Bibs for Your Favorite Fashion Doll
Miniature cake for Barbie
Small blue dollhouse

In a short amount of time you will be able to develop your own fashion doll house design blueprint.

Small brown dollhouse

Outline what you envision in a tangible 3D View.

Small light blue dollhouse

Add to your self confidence as a result of the skills you develop.

Small pink dollhouse

Be uniquely able to express who you are in this miniature hobby.

Small purple dollhouse

The list could go on with the personal benefits you could discover and create for yourself and others.

Small green dollhouse

With practice take your talent further by designing an actual full scale structure (if you desire this route*).
*Of course that requires more teaching than this site provides. But just the same good luck to you as you continue to learn fashion doll house design.

True relationship

However you could also continue just as you were when you got here. And remain unchanged by choosing an alternate route. Leaving your skill-sets undeveloped.

Better yet! Join in the pleasant excitement of designing what you love and desire today. It's never too late to develop in ways you will cherish forever.

Yes It Is never too late for the Best Changes of your life. To do something adventurously different.

We can not wait to see what your mind comes up with. So click here to see all the benefits of designing for yourself but not by yourself today

Join us in the pursuit of this relaxing as well as "childlike" hobby.

Click Here to Begin your 5 Step Dollhouse Design Process Today

Solo Build It!
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