Metal Dollhouses.
A Rare find These Days...

Metal dollhouses. We definitely do not think of metal for dollhouses any longer. Today we envision homey types made of wood. Or some other material more creative...

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Adventuresome Metal Dollhouses take the Scene

It would seem that the first metal houses of the 1950s originated from ideas used in dollhouses constructed in the 1890s. That being, they somewhat resembled the earlier lithographed models of that previous era.

A typical characteristic of a metal dollhouse was that it was constructed of mostly metal and sported the traditional accompanying plastic style furnishings. Today they are real collectors items.

Most of these style of dollhouses were what some have deemed unimaginative. However to most dollhouse lovers any dollhouse looks quite unique and worth the time to investigate further.

Though relatively conservative in nature they do hold an interesting appeal. Truly the ones illustrated by McKendry Metal Dollhouses Page are anything but dull and boring.

Wow what a Metal Dollhouse!
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"To a certain degree, the six-sided, one storey steel dollhouse by the Eagle Company of Montreal, Canada, was a more advanced design than Marx's popular Colonial houses.... Illustrated... is the earlier version (a later Panorama House, boxed with bilingual text, with a different colour scheme and decor was also made). Both contained small plastic furniture but here the house is furnished with a variety of American and British plastic, wood and upholstered pieces from the 1950s and '60s in 1:16 scale. A compatible garage by Eagle is also shown. Circular Metal DollhousesThe house is very modern in appearance due to the flat, six-sided, tiled roof with skylights. Although centrally planned houses have existed for a long time, this interpretation has a definite mid 20th century stamp with its geometrical purity." Quote from McKendry Dollhouse Pages

Some General Attributes of Metal Doll houses:

  • inside designs and basic architecture left little for imagination
  • descendants of lithographed interiors of the past
  • these metal structures could easily be damaged by dents and rust
  • most of these houses are stamped by the creators so identifying who crafted them is less of a problem than with other houses from today's antique lines
  • often thought of as conservative where other types of models are concerned
  • best places to purchase a metal dollhouse tend to be at auctions or places online such as EBay
  • Prices range between $15 to $300 to much more. Depending of course on the age of the item and what you are after.

Estimates taken from EBay at the Time of this Writing.
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