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Tip #1
Transferring your own Doll House Plans

In transferring your own dollhouse plans onto your choice of wood, all that is needed is a Scratch Marking Awl and some Carbon Paper.

The Best Transfer Technique is Super Simple:

With pattern in hand, place the carbon paper face down on your wood, then place your pattern on top of the carbon paper.

Next run your awl along the pattern detail lines or marks. With this step your pattern is now copied onto your choice of wood.

Tip #2
Using Someone Else's Pattern from a
Detailed Volume of Woodwork Ideas:

When beginning always make a transfer of all your pattern pieces you acquire from special reference books. In this way you will preserve your reference books for further use.

Plus this technique will make utilizing all ideas that much more easy. Also if you are inspired to diversify any pattern this kind of addition to the pattern piece becomes simpler too.

Always record and keep all changes to patterns that you make. This will help as you create your own designs portfolio.

Special Note regarding Woodworking Patterns:

Never copy someone else's wood patterns except for your own personal use. Keep in mind that there are copyright laws that carry heavy penalties if you cross the line.

However to study all you can and come up with your own ideas is perfectly all right.

So let all you see influence you so the volume of ideas someone else admires is authored and detailed by you. After all you could become the next exciting miniaturist on the market. If you work away at it honestly, why not?

Tip #3
A Point to Consider about Your Wooden Patterns:

Never mix measurement values from metric to standard or vice versa. This will aid in all pieces of your project fitting properly together.

So if you start out with standard measurements stick with standard measurements throughout.

'Til next time. Happy Dollhouse Planning.

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