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We are exploring the antique doll house world. An amazing journey for sure. People from around the world simply love collecting and participating in dollshouse collections. Our main focus is fashion doll ideas and such but for now we will explore this field too. Possibly we will gain some added inspiration that will lead to more creative elements for fashion dolls.

We will explore briefly four older house structures with this page.

  1. Tara's Palace of Ireland
  2. Titania's Palace in Denmark
  3. Queen Anne's Dollhouse of Britain
  4. The German Dollhouse

Now on with our Exploration . . .

Have you heard of Tara's Palace?

Tara's Palace History

This was a work of art that started in Ireland and eventually had various components supplied to it by nations great and small.

Because of the loss of another grand dollshouse, Tara's Palace came into being to start with. Ireland had gotten word that Titania's Palace was not going to be returned to the country that had created it. Ireland.

The Country of Ireland was the chief creator in the instance of Tara's Palace as well! But Denmark had come into possession of one of their unique collectibles. Read on to find out what they did as a result.

My Irish Viewpoint...

To bad really that things go sour in the collectibles world sometimes ... I hate hearing that collections are lost.

Furnished Dollhouses Book

I am myself an Irish descendant. Are you Irish? Not that I'm going to clearly cry over spilt milk or anything. A dollshouse is what it is, a child's toy and then some...

Quite possibly as we research the loss of any collector items we will discover sometimes for one reason or another the collections had to be sold... or were at times even stolen.

Not that this particular collection was stolen but... such is mankind and history in general.

And one can not live depressing over every little piece of history we encounter. Can we? Especially if we are going to continue being child like and have a fair bit of fun with our own creations.

Furnished Dollhouses: 1880s - 1980s (A Schiffer Book for Collectors). Read this book for more info on Houses in our history

Enter Tara's Palace...

The Queen's Dolls' House: A Dollhouse Made for Queen Mary
  1. The creation of Tara's Palace antique doll house began in 1978.
  2. It incorporated the wonderful craftspeople of Ireland again, as it had with Titania's Palace.
  3. With determination they began creating and they hoped this would be another work of art from out of Ireland. They definitely succeeded.
  4. Crafted in 1:12 scale as the previous dollshouse had been.
  5. It was a 22 room masterpiece inspired by three different Irish buildings of the 18th century. Castletown, Carton, and Leinster.
  6. Plus it continued on with the tradition of fundraising for children's charities as Titania's Palace originally had.

Isn't that something now? The true antique doll house, when they first appeared in history were never meant for children but for adults who liked collecting. Now here this antique doll house is raising money for children. Times have a way of changing, do they not?

Many People get Involved with Tara's Palace

"Friends and antique dealers donated miniatures they had collected and treasured. Individuals and companies sponsored rooms, artists and crafts people created new miniature works. Ordinary people, who became aware of the project, were inspired to contribute everything from needlework to miniature peat buckets, to parquetry flooring made from ancient bog oak."
Quote from Tara's Palace Trust & Museum of Childhood

Design Tip #4: Acquire Important Skills Now

Home Designer Suite 2014

That's right do not wait. A lot of people require someone to tell them important information many times. Before they really get it. Save yourself time by learning to acquire skills needed quickly. It will save you valuable time in the end process. You will truly be ahead of others when you do this least thought of tip.

Trusting the information presented always comes through reading and education in a matter. Read all you can and study the ideas illustrated to go beyond your questions to knowledge. Then decide on what you want and take action.

Titania's Palace briefly...

Titania's Palace - A Castle

Titania's Palace was a miniature castle build in Ireland by James Hicks and Sons. It was intended for Sir Neville Wilkinson's handicapped daughter Guendolen.

Titania's Palace took 15 years to build between 1907 and 1922. Little wonder they sincerely were depressed when they were told it would not be returned. It is simply breathtakingly beautiful!

And what was it that removed it from the Irish heritage? It was eventually sold to Legoland, Denmark in an auction.

And what can we learn from this historical event? Be absolutely sure you really want to sell your collection. And if you do, place it where you want it and turn your back and walk away.

Antique Doll House: Vintage Queen Anne

The Beginning...

Study Great Design

As far as antique dollhouses go, will the vintage Queen Anne Dollshouse truly stand up to the test of all that we expect from her? Take a look and see what we've found...

To start with Lady Anne had a royal background. As would be expected by the name. If anything could be more obvious to us the word "queen" is a dead giveaway. And yes we are being funny when we state that fact.

However when was she in power ... Well she reigned from March 1702 to August 1714. She was also born and lived between February 6, 1665 – August 1, 1714 and had no children.

What about her Miniature Mansion?

Concerning antique dollhouses though, truly we are not as interested in her reign or the years of her life as we are in her dollshouse. Are we?

Now tell the truth... We definitely just want to know the "skinny" about the vintage doll house and the history lesson we will leave for someone else.

But for those who truly desire the history, and we know you are out there, we have provided the following additional page:

Moving on to Antique Dollhouses and the Main Story...

Okay so what it looks like is... Anne was a revered lady of her day. So basically speaking as with what happens at times... Someone, namely Richard Shaw in the 1860s, in honour of her began constructing houses in England with her name attached to them.

And what beautiful houses he constructed.

Later these same housing patterns came to America where others began constructing them. The very first house that arrived in North America is slightly hard to pin point.

But enough said... it was early such as in the mid 1800s to the early 1900s... It obviously had to have been after the first ones in England were created in the mid 1860s.

Now on to that Vintage Queen's Dollshouse:

Queen Anne Structures

This is where people presently have copied styles of particular eras and made them into classic antique dollhouses. The two pictures featured here indicate that's just what has happened.

Some of this structure's special features include:

  • Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown
  • Unique Side-Opening Access
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • Grand entryway
  • Large, well shaped rooms, 13 rooms in total
  • Windows and door are custom designed
  • Overall Dimensions: 49" H x 50" W x 24" D
  • 1" = 1' Scale

Fashion Doll Project Idea

Imagine Barbie in the setting of a queen's estate.

  1. Her dwelling would be rather large since the scale is every two inches equals one foot.

  2. This scale has rarely been given this kind of attention. So it could be quite enterprising to create and then to display.

  3. Imagine all the fun details to include such as: wall décor, room furnishings, costumes, personal accessories ...

And no ... do not purchase plastic items. Use your own ideas to come up with every element in this creative project. It is, after all, the object to have as much fun as possible while making this miniature environment. Whether one room to start or a whole ginormous palace one room at a time.

Two Videos for your Viewing Pleasure:

1st Video

This first video
 comes with music. If you like quiet just don't turn on the sound. But this doll house is amazing. Look at the very fine details they have added and drool. Enjoy, and begin to think of your own desires in construction. Yes it can be as nice! We encourage you!

2nd Video

This second video gives you ideas as to how the assembly of your doll's home should go. And our advice? Read the instructions FIRST.

Finally here It is

The Vintage Anne Dollhouse

Click the above image to Get More Info. Sale: ? ? ? ?  The price was about $1400 at one time. At present it would be almost $2000 if available. However, regrettably it is no longer being sold anywhere at the writing of this page. So sad really, it is such an amazing house. However with the above linked picture you will find as we did that this house has been retired as of October 2022.

The Nostalgic German Dollhouse

German DollHouse of Grandeur

German Dollhouse Front

German Dollhouse

The Nostalgic German Dollhouse. Typically Germany was noted for its superior ability to fashion superb Doll Houses. It shipped these fashionable structures to Central Europe, Britain, and North America. Japan even copied their detailed designs.

After World War II doll houses were manufactured in greater quantities with less attention to detail than ever before, thus making the models more accessible than ever for middle class folk to own them.

This square model simply looks intriguing. Oh to live in the time when people were good craftsmen.

Not that there are not those today, it's just that everyone seems to want it now. No one seems to slow down long enough to bring out the details and enjoy the journey.

In Germany during the middle part of the 20th century 1:10 scale became popular based on the metric system. Dollhouses coming out of Germany today remain closer in scale to 1:10 than 1:12

For Additional Information

Imaginative link for more information about the German Antique Doll Houses:

Meet the Drew House

It was made in the early 1860s and rumored to be constructed with something as simple as orange boxes.

We are trying to imagine this process. Our orange boxes today tend to be rather small. But back then.... it definitely was a different era.

Notice how beautifully detailed it is. Awesome. To have that talent ourselves!

From the furniture to the outside this house is amazing.

It is fashioned with furnishing from an important German doll's house furniture maker - Schneegas of Waltershausen.

The German craftsmen definitely were talented.

German Dollhouse Back

Creating from an Orange Box

Can you Construct from an Orange Box?

Could You Construct Your Dollhouse from an Orange Box? Do you think you could make a dollhouse out of something odd or original looking. If not why not?

As they say the sky is the limit if you are willing to go there. We can feel the ideas forming can you? Like what we would need in supplies to accomplish this design. Already an idea has presented itself.

How about yourself? Let your imagination out to play. Become as a child and create something exciting to you.

Look at this Imaginative Idea

Old Style Frying Pan

Take a Look at what We Found.

It's a small frying pan. Just by looking at it we are greatly interested in pursuing a design of our own. Of an unusual kind, maybe even like an antique doll house, naturally. Should prove adventuresome.

As for you keep grabbing ideas from all around you. You can do anything you set your mind to.

In Conclusion

Whether you're currently living in a today atmosphere in your construction journey, such as fashion doll designs or copying from some other century with your existing doll house projects... Always be looking in historical events to add interest and grandeur to all you plan for your dollhouses today.

Keep on building your fashion doll's home and learn from history. Look in the search box below with such terms as antique doll house books or any term you want for even more clues about historical doll homes still around today. The search will open in a new window for your convenience.

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