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Our Dollhouse Magazine - Minis Zine would like to extend our official Invitation to join our family-like community. Everyone enjoys seeing new faces and The Minis Zine is no exception. We would love to have you pull up a mini armchair and join us today.

Joining our Community is Easy

It is not a difficult procedure to join. All you have to do is fill out the form at the end of this page. Then look forward to your bi-monthly issues. We usually send out our Zine at the end of each second month. Look for it in your email between the 24th and 31st.

This is the time that has been the most effective for us to send our publication out.

A notification is sent to your email and our Ezine is published online. So your email is not overloaded. What we advise doing is simply saving the Zine's Back Issues Page so you can always know where all our issues are.

Worth Noting is the fact that your personal details will absolutely not be used for anything other than subscribing to our Dollhouse Magazine Minis Zine Community either.

Rest Between Design Stages ...

If you are tired of your design after it is completed in one stage. Take a rest before trying the next design area. That rest will give you much needed energy in tackling your next set of goals in creating. Also use this rest period to study more ideas for your mini world with Home Designer. It will be rewarding time well spent in a new direction.

Dollhouse Magazine Minis Zine covers Items like:

Welcome to the Minis Zine
  • A Main Dollhouse Topic - These articles deal with anything related to dollhouses or miniatures or anything in between. Topics of popular, creative or constructional fashion doll demand. That any fashion doll would be happy to own.


  • Miniature Project or Technique - In this we cover a new project with details as to how you can create something for your mini environment. We usually stress using your own creative zeal to get the most out of each project. Anything you design, or are encouraged to, always outweighs something copied. Which adds to your overall self esteem.


  • In the Spotlight - This is where we may highlight a special item regarding your tiny dwellings. Any items that come to our attention that we would like to share with you will be listed. So check it out you could find something to add to your small world. Who knows what you will discover next!!!


  • What's been Happening At-the-Doll-House - Covered under this heading is all of what has been happening of late. Like for instance, if we have developed any new pages we will tell you about them here. Plus we remind you of passed items of interest as well. (This section has been currently deleted in favor of checking the blog. So stay tuned to our blog for any new pages found here.)


  • Our Share Categories - These are relatively new. We encourage you to pick a topic and share something of interest to you. Be brave and submit. We love hearing what's on your mind any time. Try to stay within the topic but don't be shy we are not awfully concerned about things that are a bit off.

    However don't go way off topic and you should be in good standing. Believe us we will find a place for you as you submit.


  • Our Final Category Deals with Subscription Details. Like how to subscribe or unsubscribe from our dollhouse magazine minis zine. Yes we are holding no one prisoner. You can subscribe or unsubscribe easily with no questions asked.


  • Interesting products we find online and think you would like to know about are also emailed out on occasion. However never bothersome or inconveniently. So rest assured you have no worries.

* Most zine issues will contain a combination of one of two items mentioned above. For your convenience and enjoyment.

Introducing Our Latest must have EBook ...

Ten Important Tips to Great Dollhouse DesignTen Important Tips to Great Dollhouse Design

As a final treat for subscribing you will also be receiving a copy of our Complementary EBook titled - Ten Important Tips to Great Dollhouse Design.

In our EBook you will be Introduced to Topics like:

  1. Getting off to a great start with any project ...

  2. All steps lead to a complete finish ...

  3. A positive frame of mind is a true must-have ...

  4. What dollhouse designs are the best choices for you ...

  5. Research such things like time to construct and money costs along the way ...

  6. What design elements have you forgot?

  7. Click here to check out more details about this complementary ebook from our dollhouse magazine minis zine community...

How You can Design Better, Quicker

7 Ways our new Report reveals How You can Design Better, Quicker Plans than You ever Thought Possible

  1. How developing your own dollhouse plans will help you get exactly what you want. Every time, all the time.

  2. How to get all the information that makes your plan work. And work well for the family heirlooms you design.

  3. How to build your dollhouse fast ... Even when you're pressed for time. Keeping your own set appointments is an important key here.

  4. The easiest way to gain access to great plans online without spending a tonne of money.

  5. How to use this often overlooked "tip" to maximize your structural plans and save money that most people tend to forget about. Or think unimportant.

  6. Why THESE finishes will get the results you have been dreaming of.

  7. The steps needed to establish your choice way of developing your own dollhouse ideas.

Get More Information Here.

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