Your Doll House Kitchen Project

Getting Creative with your Doll House Kitchen. Living in a miniature world lets you create the way you have always wanted to.

Tired of waiting for the pieces all to fit together? You now get to finally do what you have always planned and thought about doing. Creating the intimate tiny kitchen of your dreams.

Did you know that creating your mini mansion can lead to creating in real life? It absolutely can. A great imagination and the willingness to pursue ideas is all it takes.

A Scene to Remember 

Imagine for a moment you begin creating your ideal doll house kitchen... You add the design in cupboards, table, curtains, lights, appliances, dishes and so on. You then discover that, "Hey, I would really love this in my own cooking area as well. Exactly as it is here."

You have just designed a mock-up of your future pantry. So at this stage it does pay to be realistic in your doll house kitchen design. Who knows maybe this will spur you on to renovating some of your now living spaces.

Pictured items may be found in the product boxes provided on this page.

Your Ideas are Important

No design work is done without your input. Why is it today that we sometimes think that working away at little jobs should be easy and without much effort?

I personally think some internet practices have a lot to do with this mentality. We know how easy downloading this or that program is. I think some mental characteristics and habits of online life are definitely carried over into things we do offline and online.

As a result, we look for free everything and today we are seeing more and more that we do finally have to pay our own way online.

I remember a few years ago that you could get more things online for free than you do today. And possibly we do tend to see the internet as easy.

Easy downloads, free ebooks, free recipes, and we are constantly told on more sites than I can list that you can make easy money.

Earning a living online is definitely not easy. Actually it's like all other jobs. It takes time and effort. Especially if you are wanting to sincerely create an honest down-to-earth business for yourself and your family.

Excitement is in Creative Ideas

Some of that last information above may seem to have little to do with doll house kitchen creation? Not so if you think in terms of the fact that your doll house kitchen will take some effort to realize.

And plus the effort will have to come from you. Fortunately no one else will create it for you. Not unless you do have the money to pay someone else for their efforts. And people do exactly that. They pay someone else to create for them.

Awe but think of all the fun some people are missing!!! It's absolutely exciting to create on your own! Oh I know... I know... not all of us are gifted in design... and neither do I think we should be.

However there are many things that a person can benefit from if they pursue new skills for themselves. I always want to be a source of true encouragement for you, to realize what is hidden within you.

Check out Cupboards by Piece Below ..

Did you realize you can buy cupboards for your dollhouse in pieces? Just like for your full-sized kitchen? It's true just look at the block of products below and you will see what I mean. I thought this was so creative and exciting when I found them. They do not come in all sizes. I have provided these for people who may be interested. The size is of course the most popular of 1:12 scale.

Can you imagine placing those in your doll house kitchen? Also if you are creative and want a different look. But feel the cupboards only provide a place to start. With the cabinets as the starting structure. Why not finish them just as you would for yourself in your own living environment? Or even create your own pattern for a different scale altogether?

By all means select paint and additions to make them your very own. As well it may be of value to check out Miniature Furniture & Room Settings for ideas and additional help.

Your Dream Doll House Kitchen Project

Pictured items could be found in the product boxes provided on this page.

Let's start on that doll house kitchen you've been dreaming of.
We begin with the size...

  • What are the measurements for your doll house kitchen? ... Knowing full well it's really what you want that matters here.
  • Have you always wanted more space in your own real-life eating area? ...Then go for as large as you will need.
  • Use this page to calculate the size for your doll house kitchen. And remember if you start in a particular size, stick with those dimensions.

Now go around your room...
Ask yourself some questions concerning your miniature cooking area....

For decorations....

What Miniature Artwork are you planning to place on walls? Are they present day or antique?

Yes designing your tiny rooms are like playing 20 questions and more, just to figure out in your own mind what has to be done and why and when.

Remember leave no rock unturned. It could lead to problems down the road. And investigating all avenues can lead you to some super designs you never realized you would do. All the more fun for you to discover what these are.

Lights and flooring...

Always stay with the design you begin with. It will help you narrow down your choices of items to purchase or make. This Miniature Victorian Chandelier is just such an example.

If you put your pantry in the future or if it is done with the past in mind always stay with what you choose or make little features fit by making them look like they belong. For instance there are ways to make wood and metal objects appear antique.

Walls and doors...

There are oh so many interesting and unique doors you can purchase from places like Amazon. Even if they don't have thee door you would like, in the size you want, it could be worth purchasing just to see if you could design your own pattern from it. Just one example would be this Miniature Crossbuck Dutch Door.

You can gain ideas from just about any source. For walls... you can use the same paint you would use in your own home for any wall you want to finish. Then you can also purchase remarkable colors and designs in wallpaper for any in scale size.

Design Tip #10
Wall Designing made Easy

Home Designer Software Program

There are a couple things to notice as you draw a wall.

  • The wall’s length displays in two places: above the wall and in the Status Bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Wall angles are restricted to increments of 7.5° when Angle Snaps are on. Select Edit> Snap Settings> Angle Snaps and make sure they are turned on for this tutorial .. Quote from Home Designer User's Guide

Miniature cupboards...

These do not have to be complicated. All the cupboards have to accomplish in most cases, are to "look" like cupboards. Depending on the scale structure you are working in, they may not need a host of detail at all. Who but your dolls will be using them?

The smaller the scale building the less details you can expect of course. Of course our example Miniature Court Cupboard (pictured above) does have detail and what exquisite details indeed. It really is up to you how elaborate you go. 

Special Note: As with so many stunning examples of miniature furniture the above mentioned and pictured Miniature Court Cupboard is no longer available. 

Dining area appliances...

From books you can learn how to make different appliances or you can purchase your own from places online. Beautiful White and Stainless Cupboards would be great in a full sized eating area. Simply amazing. What treasures will you find as you take a look around.

Mini Food...

This is the last category to explore in your doll house kitchen. What pantry, actually would be complete without it. Both in real life or in your dollshouse?

And with this category there really are many amazing items to choose from. Literally people are so creative to have come up with the offerings that they have. For instance there are Party Trays or this Brownies On Pedestal Plate.

And yes these are indeed minis you are looking at. Look real, don't they?

Mentally looking around the room...

We find the last items that need our attention. These are the small items like dishes or flowers or similar small details such as food that will bring our room to life.

Those picked? Great you are now on your way to having that awesome tiny cook area you have visualized all along.

For a bit of fun in your mini kitchenette take part in this tutorial: Learn To Sculpt A Miniature Breakfast in 1:12 Scale with Betsy Niederer

Congratulations on being so creative with your choices!

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