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Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

September 2013

Furniture all Your Own the Best Reward ..

What's available in Dollhouse Miniature Furniture?

In the dollhouse furniture category there are a lot of items available. So many in fact that you really have to do your research thoroughly in order to get exactly what you are wanting. For each of the rooms you design.

Let's not forget that where and when you desire to include any type of item into your dollhouse environment you can always take the route of making your own furnishings also. Some would rather buy what they need than make any item however. And that's perfectly fine too.

What you will find though are: kits, plans, various styles, brands and prices ranging from minimal to designer. The designer category is amazing and pricey as you can well imagine.

Doing your miniature furniture shopping wisely is the first step in your success in this area.

How to Build Miniature Furniture & Room Settings

Kits and Plans

Most people want kits for various furniture but may not be satisfied with what they can get. You know how it goes. You have a visual idea in your mind but can not find anything that comes close. 

At this point you are right back at your starting point. Making your own design or at best possibly refashioning something you have found that comes close. Any way you position this scenario it forces a person to become creative. And what a wonderful experience that can be.

The book featured on the right gives ideas as to how-to refurbish furnishings you acquire. That said however it also provides ample projects for you to complete. Or experiment with.

Online the free examples of furniture plans are minimal in their presentation. Really what can anyone say in just one page of info you happen upon. They are not writing a book. So you do have to get out your tools and improvise with ideas you may encounter.

While online study this site for various free dollhouse miniature furniture plans. A grouping of assorted info and ideas can definitely combine to give you the furnishings you are looking for. But again those combinations come creatively out of you and the ideas you gather.

Styles and Brands

Below you will find a small list of ideas to look for in doing your dollhouse miniature furniture research. Though nothing is set in stone. So expect to encounter more ideas than are presented here. Mainly because the day after this is published a new brand can show up online. Better still wouldn't it be great if it was something you, yourself had created?


  • Modern
  • Wooden
  • Unfinished
  • Handcrafted
  • Antique
  • Fine Designer
  • Wholesale


  • Marx
  • Loving Family
  • Real Good Toys
  • Barbie
  • Madeline
  • Plan Toys
  • Victorian

So do searches online using the keywords above. If you are looking for a particularly "special something" that would be "just right" "you think".. Be prepared as we have found .. to develop what you really want yourself.

After all the genuinely amazing accessories and goodies around today have truly come out of someone's awesome imagination. So with that .. Your next great find can come, realistically speaking, from your own creative designs in your very own mind.

Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural

Featured Design Program of Our Choice: 
Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural

Never be at a loss again for how to design certain aspect of your dollhouse. For the outside as well as in the inside. Use all the information available at your fingertips to help you become the best you can be at design. Have the most fun designing your own miniature structures.

Take the advantage of signing up for our most recent Mini EBook Offer.

Acquiring skills has never been easier. However you will never know unless you give it a try. You too CAN create the dollhouse structures you have always dreamed of.

Who said construction is only for guys. We girls love building too. Read more now. Sign up here today.

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Make a 1:12 Scale Miniature Decorative Seat

Gallery of Pictures for Decorative Seat

Click on any picture below to enlarge this special dollhouse miniature furniture design. Make sure to position your page above the product box below. As it may interfere with the way the gallery of photos works. 

Decorative seat in it's original size
Replica of the decorative seat view 1
Replica of the decorative seat view 2
Replica of the decorative seat view 3
Decorative seat pattern in 1:12 scale
Rough finish of decorative seat replica
Under side of decorative seat replica

Products to Help complete your Project

Materials List

  • balsa wood 
  • graph paper 
  • pencil
  • craft knife 
  • self-healing craft mat
  • wood glue 
  • measuring tape 
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • paint
Completed view of our Mini Seat
  • Calculate the correct size for your chosen dollhouse miniature furniture item. As you can see we have selected a piece of furniture from our home to miniaturize. (This is a decorative chair my father made my mom a few years ago.)

    The original item is 3 feet high. And we are making a 1:12 scale replica of it. So 3 feet equals 3 inches. Our scale calculator has indeed been a priceless asset as we have developed our own pattern.
  • Make the pattern. To construct the pattern we first studied the item to see how many pieces it contained. Then after examining it we decided that since it was going to be so small we could make do with realistically fewer pieces. The back for instance is built using two pieces of wood. But our size told us that we could make one solid pattern piece to represent the larger two.

  • Gathering the materials used. Balsa wood, graph paper, pencil, craft knife, healing craft mat, wood glue, measuring tape, ruler, scissors and paint. This is the place to gather up all the elements you know you will be using for your dollhouse miniature furniture piece.

  • Cut out the design. Using your calculated measurements and graph paper begin designing all necessary pieces to your tiny chair. Our chair contains six pattern pieces.

  • Glue the chair together. Measure 1 inch from the bottom up on the back piece of chair. Place small piece of wood at this measurement. Cross-wise. Place second small thin piece of wood cross-wise at the top of the front piece.

    Next attach the front to the back using the two longer thin pieces of wood. One on each side. All four of the thin pieces of wood should form a box on the under side of the chair. Finally glue the seat in place. 

  • Paint the chair. Using the color that you want paint your chair for a great dollhouse miniature furniture finish. Make sure you wait a small amount of time between the glue drying and the painting stages. However we found that if you used a very small amount of wood glue we could paint soon after applying the glue.

  • Tip #1 for designing your decorative dollhouse miniature furniture chair. You can always adjust the chair legs once you have glued all the pieces together. This can be done so your tiny chair sits level as it should.

  • Tip #2. When working with thin pieces of balsa wood we found you could easily cut any piece using your every day pair of scissors. Scissors let you cut most straight lines or large curves without damaging your project. However use a sharp, pointed craft knife for any detailed areas.

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View or Buy Miniature Kitchen Hutch.

In the Spotlight

Design your Own Dollhouse Miniature Furniture Plans

Research to find the best dollhouse miniature furniture projects

Get some additional help in designing. If you are sincerely interested in doing design work there are people who can help add to your knowledge base. Once you have the basics of "what to do" you can easily use those concepts to go even further. With your own designs for dollhouse miniature furniture.

Andy Duframe is one of those instructors to seek out for more information regarding your building project "how-to's". He has produced numerous Woodworking Books at very reasonable prices. 

"Woodworking plans are great for getting a project started, but I often end up altering the design to fit my taste." ~ Andy Duframe. Does this last statement sound like you? Then look into Andy's instruction books on woodworking and teach yourself more about this amazing hobby/profession.

Get the Complete Series—6 EBOOKS!

The 6-Pack Wood Project Planners series starts with an inside look at how to build a workbench (a must-have item for every workshop) and a bookcase (the perfect starter project).

Andy will show you the inside which will allow you to understand the basics of the additional templates in his package. Plus they provide an easy way to sketch and plan your own wood project designs. 

And since you already know how to shrink any item you want. His additional info will help you go further than you may think possible. On to create your own dollhouse miniature furniture designs. All you need are the "how-to's" that make it all achievable. 

His EBooks Include "How-To's" like What is Listed Below:

  1. EZ Workbench Planner - Build a 2x4 workbench!

  2. EZ Bookcase Planner- Learn the basics of bookcases!

  3. EZ Project Planner - EZ templates for designing a project!.

  4. EZ Magic Drawing Cubes - Draw your project in perspective!

  5. EZ Plywood Planner - No more wasted plywood!

  6. EZ Floor Planner - Jumbo templates for the big projects!

Whether you study large plans or small sets you can learn major components to help you design like a pro. So don't turn down any opportunity to tap into more resources.

Design Your Own Projects

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