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Get Started with your own
Doll's House Furniture (Part 2)

April 2011

Tool Selection Need not be Complicated.

In the making of your miniature furniture parts I recommend that you obtain a group of standard tools and supplies you can use in the general construction of your furnishings.

Once purchased as well all that may be required in the future is that you update your stock of tools periodically. But as you start out with this basic assortment they may be all you really need for various model making at present.

(Click Tool Picture to View)

Mitre Box with Saw

The tools to stock in your workshop are:

  • small razor saw
  • Stanley knife
  • good quality craft knife
  • different shaped blades for your craft knife
  • selection of different grade sandpapers (from medium to fine grade)
  • mitre box
  • metal ruler
  • small engineers' set-square
  • jig designed for miniatures
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • numerous small clamps
  • fine bradawl + small bradawl
  • small drill bits
  • pair of tweezers
  • plastic syringe with curved nozzle
  • good quality paint brushes
  • cheap disposable paint brushes
  • rolling pin for clay work
  • plenty of pencils
  • masking tape
  • rubber bands
  • q-tips
  • sharp scissors
  • seamstress pins
  • small needles
  • a bodkin
  • pair of needle-nose pliers

Every tool listed here is highlighted in the product box below. In the "What's been Happening" section.

Some construction books may list even more however. What I have listed here is for general tools needed. Though always read any pattern to see for sure if some specialty tool is required. And then ask yourself, or others if you need to, if any tool you have on hand could possibly do the job just as well. Can you improvise? You may find that you can.

The tools I have listed above are a general list of what you could possibly run into in the construction of your dollhouse furniture parts. It is nowhere exhaustive by any means.

Yes you could even call it your start-up list of tools.

Last month I looked into terms used in tiny furniture creation. Check that issue out here.

Design Tip #5
Take your Design Skills to the next Level

Easy to advance yourself with special software to help. For instance, different rooms on the same floor can have unique floor and ceiling heights, allowing you to create:

  • Split levels and bi-levels
  • Sunken living rooms and garages
  • Cathedral and coffered ceilings

In 3D views, you can adjust the default floor and ceiling height for the entire floor or the floor and ceiling height for an individual room. Quote from Home Designer Help Files.

PROJECT: Paint a Mini Hutch Cabinet

The scale of this hutch cabinet is 1:16. However, it can work in a 1:12 environments as well.

Dollhouse Hutch Cabinet
  • Begin your painting project by first choosing what you will paint. That may seem like an obvious first step but one that if you don't choose you really can't expect to move forward.

Yes you do need to choose. And because there are so many choices, that's where some of us stall. Just like children we adults seem to freeze in the presence of abundance. Some of us are simply not good at choosing either.

Ever find that, that these days there are just too many choices, period. So for some who may need it, take my lead and use my choice.

As well feel free to step out and do your own choosing just the same. Really it's all about what you do with your talent that matters here. Miniature White Bookshelves with Crown Molding

  • Select your base color. Americana Acrylic Paint - Antique White This is our main or base color choice. Using this color give your furniture piece two good coats of paint. Remember to sand between each coat you apply. If you don't sand, because the pieces are so small, you may find that they stick easily where you would prefer they didn't. Also use a q-tip to paint in the hard to reach places such as cupboard side walls near hinges.
  • If you desire you can add any kind of highlights. I chose to make my cupboard antiqued. So I used black DecoArt Crafters Acrylic Black as a top coat and wiped it off on small areas until I got the desired look I wanted. It has the appearance of a very well worn selection.

  • Lastly apply one coat of varnish to your project piece. I used a matte finish. Ceramcoat Protect Interior Varnish / Matte

View or Buy my mini Hutch Cabinet here.

My progression of steps until the hutch was completed.

Hover your mouse over each picture to see what step it is. 
Click any picture to view and begin a mini slideshow.

Preparing the hutch for painting. Step 1
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3
Step 3
Step 4
Step 4
Completed Dollhouse Hutch Cabinet
Completed Dollhouse Hutch Cabinet
View or Buy my mini Hutch Cabinet here.
In the Spotlight

Build Your Own Victorian Barbie Mansion

Victorian Barbie Mansion

By Forest Street Designs

"This amazing project is the ultimate dream home for young and young-at-heart Barbie doll collectors. This woodworking plan will guide the woodworker through all steps of the building process. The rear of the house is open for full access to seven spacious Victorian rooms ready for decorating just as Queen Victoria may have done herself!

The spaces include a parlor, kitchen, bath, bedroom and childrens playroom. The dormer windows add architectural interest inside and out. The first floor turret is enclosed and accessible from the inside. The second floor turret is open with access from the upper porch. Other options which you have a choice in building include grid work around the base and two styles of bay windows." Quote from Amazon.com

View A Woodworking Scroll Saw Patterns and Instructions Plan to Build Your Own Victorian Barbie Project here.

What's been Happening At-the-Doll-House.com

Get all your mini tool supplies.
Treat yourself today.

We have a brand new look about us these days. Check it out here.

We are always building new pages for you At-the-Doll-House.com. It seems that the more we build, the more new and exciting ideas come to mind. Some of our newest pages include:

  • Antique Structure. Do you want to part with yours? Aged Styles. An antique mansion is of the rare, extremely collectible type. Do you have one? Whatever you do be absolutely positive you want to part with it, if you decide to sell. This story tells why.
  • Prefab homes mean Quickbuild or Easy to assemble houses. Prefab homes or quickbuild are the answer when you are time or money conscious. Still don't sell them short they could be just what you want. They do let a person construct them in a day. So check out our examples on this page.

For more details about our site check out our Blog here.

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