Prefab Homes or
Quickbuild Dollhouses
Mean Easy Build Projects

Prefab Homes Definition:

Prefab Homes Definition: Prefab is an abbreviation for prefabricated. The word prefab is often used to describe any type of home that is made from easy-to-assemble building parts that were manufactured off-site. Manufactured homes and modular homes are both types of prefab housing. Quote from

Easy-to-Assemble Houses

With Quickbuild or Prefab Homes like this Firehouse you can see exactly what we mean. Quickbuild FirehousePrefabricated homes for your dolls are super easy to put together. And anyone can help with the structure.

Quickbuild dollshouses are the solution when you really want convenience and affordability. Only a screwdriver, white glue, and basic, simple instructions are all that is required. If you can read and follow easy step-by-step instructions these structures are for you.

Classic Colonial DollhouseThe Classic Colonial Structure comes with most of the decor already assembled. It's perfect for spending a quite moment with your grandchildren on an adventuresome afternoon.

Quickbuild dollshouses are your ultimate in prefabricated homes as far as doll mansions go.

Talk about easy. The finishes, wallpaper, roof, floors, windows, mouldings, doors and shutters are all pre-installed.

Are Quickbuild Mansions for You?

Prefab houses or "quickbuild doll houses" to be exact usually cost less to construct than houses built from scratch. For this reason, quick build mansions are popular choices with people who are budget-conscious.

Still these dollshouses are for people who want to feel as if they shared in the construction of their mini mansion to some degree as well.

The quickbuild homes for your dolls are no less suitable than the structures you create from an original building plan. Except that the interior and other designs are pre-planned.

So for you who are genuinely caught in a time-crunch but still want to participate these mini prefab homes are your answer!

Though, when you think of it if you so desire to redecorate any Quickbuild House then that too should be an option for you. All a quickbuild structure is, is a framework to do whatever you want anyway.

Why can't you do whatever you want with a doll home that is now yours?

So finish and furnish it as your heart desires. It is after all your hobby.

Here is the Selection we Picked out Just for You.

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