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Dollhouse Site Tips

Dollhouse Site Tips

These Dollhouse Site Tips are provided for your convenience.

If you need to know something about our site you can look here. If it is particularly important you will find it here. If you do not find what you desire with these dollhouse site tips you can always contact us here to voice your concern.

About Search Boxes connected to Product Boxes

For instance...

Specifically the Search Box just under the Log Dollhouse box (our example) of product information:

  • You will not be able to search our entire site from this area. This box only searches within the Log Doll House (our example) category on Amazon's site in a new window. For any other search put your keywords in the box at the top or left area on the page. These two places will give you site wide results.
  • You will return to At-the-Doll-House.com's home page by clicking on the links with that name.
  • Click on any item pictured for more information about that specific product.

An Important Note...

You obviously have gotten to this page by clicking on the link "Check out this information block for a word about the above Search Box..." Simply substitute that product box's category where the word Log Doll House (above) appears.

Guidelines for Submissions

This info should be related to the topics of the particular page you are submitting to. Such as, but not totally restricted to the below ideas:

  1. simply introduce yourself

  2. projects you have developed and are on the go at the moment

  3. past structures of interest to you and other miniaturists

  4. miniature ideas whether in production or not

  5. dollhouses you have made

  6. doll house or craft business

  7. how you've worked in a business you're passionate about that would be complementary to our audience

  8. type of business you are presently pursuing

  9. what is your best online experience as a customer or entrepreneur

  10. what is your worst online experience

  11. have you had it with working online and the why

  12. children may participate with parents permission and watchful eye

It will have to pass my inspection though. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

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