Vintage Dolls....
The Past comes to the Present.

Vintage Dolls are a Quiet Little Way of Revisiting the Past

Did you know that for your most adored collector doll there is an official lingo and terminology in collectors circles? It can be found here.

From vintage dolls we learn a lot about the culture of the present and the past.

These kinds of toys were of course used in dollhouses and for general play in all eras that we know of. They have been a close friend of most children for years.

Some of the best miniature people of vintage quality are: Barbie, Gene, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Shirley Temple....

Did you know you can even use vintage troll items in the creation of your miniature structures?

Vintage Troll Dolls Why not?

Being creative is not limited to just what someone else would like or think that you should do. Being creative has everything to do with what appeals to you personally.

So if something appeals to you that doesn't appeal to others don't let your differences stop you. Simply allow yourself to create in the technique you desire.

Think of what it will do for you personally to excel in your own work of art. In the least it will give you personal confidence to pursue unique ideas.

Trolls, believe it or not, came into being in the 60s and became very popular somewhere after Barbie entered the scene. They were actually a huge seller in their heyday.

The above fact make trolls a very unusual collectible doll for possible inclusion in your tiny creations. Take note however you may desire to create some sort of totally off the wall structure after reading this.

Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses

A Paper doll is absolutely a vintage charmer as far as doll collecting is concerned.

People of all social classes owned them. And they are another one with ties to dollhouses. They too can be accurate reflections of very different cultures.

Early European paper people often depicted actors and actresses, and they were intended for use with toy stages. A stage is a type of doll's house, is it not? In the eyes of collectors it is.

Click here to view this awesome vintage dolls gallery. You will need to search out addition links on this site, but the search is well worth your effort. The resources are excellent as well that are connected to each link.

Vintage Collector Barbie Dolls

To be a Collector of Vintage dolls is now Considered to be the Second biggest Hobby in the United States today

Barbie is my personal favorite mini collectible by far. Barbie has so much versatility. She has been there done that in so many situations. My dream structure would be to make a very creative house for her.

The business of writing my website keeps me very busy. However as time allows in the future I have plans to begin creating for Barbie in my own mini world. So stay tuned.....

Do you have a favorite vintage doll? Share who you cherish here....

Explore the collector items you love in the box above or here.....

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