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First off, this is my "About Me Lois Williams" page you have arrived at. Welcome!

In the Beginning . .

Let me formally introduce myself: My name is Lois Williams (pictured to the left) and this is just a little write up I put together to give you an idea of who I am and how I came to be on the web today.

My story started in April of 2001 when I purchased my first computer. That's when I began my journey on the internet.

About me and this Dollhouse Enterprise

My love for dolls and dollhouses started when I was a child

As an eight year old I loved to dress my dolls in what I would laughingly today call, cave wear. Mainly because they had to have been the crudest outfits any doll could own.

Literally they were made of a single piece of cloth with at least 3 holes cut into it and then the cloth wrapped crudely around the doll.

Also, my sister and I use to play for hours with our Barbie dolls, envisioning them as our own little people, in their own make-shift, child-constructed cardboard doll houses.

To the point that we would have loved them to work out their lives before us for real, in perfect childhood, childlike imagination form.

My Efforts with Dollhouses & Crafts

Fortunately my efforts with dolls, dollhouses and crafts, in general, have dramatically improved.

Yes I have been a crafter offline and online, combined, for over forty (40) years now. And have loved every minute of it.

In my teen years I began making my own clothes. Then giving craft items to family and friends as gifts. Next doing an offline craft venture at my local market.

After that was trying my hand at a web craft enterprise. Several times. Until today, with my dollhouse venture. This is my last attempt.

I say my LAST because this is the one that works.

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My Web Biz Start-up Story

A Web E-Business is so Do-able

A Web E-Business is so do-able. In my first year, of owning a computer, in 2001, because of a real want to work online I started looking at many e-biz formats out here. Knowing it can be done!

And yes don't we find a tonne of opportunities available on the net?! A lot of people out here are looking for a dream biz or job online. Yeah and I was and am one of them. Are you?

Stage 1 of Working Online

The first web venture I ever started was the enterprise I call my "Craft" Venture. All I can tell you is, it was not done in the right way and I'm glad it never panned out. The thought I have of it today is that it would have successfully drove me nuts if it had have succeeded.

Then there is my Bed and Breakfast enterprise called The Tidy BnB formerly known as Bee-Well-Aware or Beacon Candlelite Wedding* of which I am not finished with yet... I do currently have plans for it to branch over and take on definite attributes like my present created-my-way Ebusiness Website powered by SBI. Known officially by all as At-the-Doll-House.com.

*I know hey, we have a time searching for the right angle. I know. But that's just about me Lois Williams. Or could that be you as well?

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My husband and I
Work at home mom that's me, I look just like a big doll
My Business Diploma 1995
Three generations: Me, My daughter and My grand daughter

Design Tip #1
How to Build Your Own Dollhouse 

Begin any creative project with great information. You can not lose if you have Thee Best Resources.

Stage 2 About me working Online

Next would have to be affiliate marketing in general. Guess you could say I've experimented with different venues out here but never really found what I was looking for until lately.

Many times in my searching, while thinking back about my experiences, I have to literally thank God that I am not telling a totally different story. One of a person gaining a tonne of debt because of a lot of bad choices.

You may have heard of someone on the net, like that, who has spent a pile of money just to end up with nothing in the end? Well thankfully that is not part of my about me Lois Williams story!

Thankfully I have always been slow to pay into anything and when I did it usually worked out for the best. Mainly because I have an excellent habit of investigating different offers.

And letting other ones sit for a period of time, just to prove themselves to me. I mean, if it's still there in a year or more it may be worth the investment into it, lol.

But then, sometimes I still wait a little longer just to see if "I'm" truly interested. I have never been a person to jump right into something because someone on the web said I should.

However, in that scenario, there are good and bad things to consider too. The good is outlined above but the bad is, I think I may have lost out on some valuable opportunities that have come my way.

Stage 3 My Present Success Story . . .

I can't sing enough praises of having found my newest biz though. This enterprise actually tells you how to develop a profitable niche on the web. Awesome.

The beauty and simplicity of my present biz is it comes with the right instructions. All by video which is great because I don't feel I have time to read a tonne of information all the time.

As well I want to put everything into this new venture. I mean, I can hardly wait each week to add more pages to my Doll House website. What a concept, write a winning website about, what else, something you love and earn while doing it.

I have read business book after business book but to be absolutely honest none of them came close to the instruction I found in my new enterprise.

They teach you by example to focus on your web niche. And without definite focused concentration concerning any enterprise, means, you get next to nothing in return. They really want you to get results.

And so concludes my about us page, hopefully you got something out of what I told you about me Lois Williams.


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In Christ Focus . .

The Lord has opened unto me His good treasure and blessed the work of my hands. He has commanded the blessing upon me in my storehouse and all that I undertake. (Deut.28:8,12)

Now we have an opening provided for you. Perhaps you would like to join my about me page, sort of, and tell us/me something about you. Tell us about you and what you see yourself doing on the web. Are you simply a customer or do you have a desire to work your own venture online?

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