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Construction Tutorial

SBI! CTPM Process

Take a serious journey into a crafters website construction to see where you fit.

Everything about the internet is exhaustingly immense. To date I have read books, explored sites, advertised, networked and basically researched ideas to no end.

Yes and with seemingly no end in sight either. You could look until you could no longer figure anything out and all ideas seemed to pool into one giant mess. Sound familiar?

There are legitimate businesses, crappy businesses, awesome web-hosting, and the never ending supply of get rich quick schemes spread throughout cyberspace.

Taking your Crafting Talent a Step forward Online

So where do you seriously turn when you just know working on the web is for you?Especially as a crafter... To my knowledge dollhouse creators are in this very talented group of artisans. There is basically not a lot of difference between a dollhouse enthusiast and a crafter.

Crafts can truly take you into any area you wish to try out. And I have done a lot of crafts. Just like crafts dollhouse creation takes you into everything too. So it is right up my aisle. And I seriously love anything about dollhouses. As my site illustrates....

But crafters website construction .. Now that is quickly becoming a passion of mine also. I love creating pages. Never thought that I would but I do. And really I love it when a page looks great and I have put another one online.

For me as a crafter, a crafters website construction is just another form of crafting. I find the more I dig into it the more I like what I do.

True excitement Lives in You

Love what you Craft .. Write about that Love

If you love creating your craft, have you ever considered writing about it? Especially on the internet? Actually writing about your crafts online gives you another avenue to open up for making a solid crafting income.

Begin now to think of even more ways you can diversify your income stream to accomplish a healthy lifestyle for you and your family to enjoy.

Has the following Scenario ever
Applied to your Crafting Enterprise?

In my region there is a huge problem with the crafting industry that just makes me shake my head. Maybe this is your experience too.

  • you work way too long for a little bit of income,

  • there's not enough customer base for your liking,

  • you watch lots of people say they love your designs and then not buy what they like,

  • you can never get what you truly feel the piece is worth,

  • there's never enough time to do all that you want,

  • if there were two of you, you would feel better,

  • and you absolutely love what you do. Meaning you would be a crafter 'til the day you die if you could have it your way.

Me too. I love crafting. That's no joke I seriously do...

Why not have everything you want as a crafter? Meaning the income, the creativity that is in you naturally, and the people that buy. And plenty of all of those as well.

SBI! Action Guide Search It! SBI! Results SBI! Traffic Test

Design Tip #9
Relax and Build Time

Go into your own design phase at your own speed. Take your time developing this skill.

"Now that the exterior of the house has been finalized we can begin laying out rooms on the interior. Rooms are defined by the walls that enclose them. They are then assigned a Room Type that assigns common room attributes." Quote from Home Designer User's Guide

Open your Specialty Shop

Your Introduction Awaits ..

Get Acquainted with a great Learning System regarding a Crafters Website Construction. On the web all your ideas come together to form a great business opportunity as a crafter. No kidding. If you like honest work this is the place for you. But be warned it's not a get rich quick program.

Crafters website construction is definitely a lot of work. But if you're already building and marketing your crafts you don't need to be told what work is. You already know that part. You probably have it down pat. Right?

What you basically need is a little bit of help getting headed in the right direction. Like for instance, how can you add things like a passive income to your present day crafting efforts?

So in the next sections I point out some definite step for you to start taking to see if this working on the web thing is for you or not.

All set? Let's get started...

In these next few categories I will mention Site Build It or SBI (the shorter version of the same). It happens to be the only program out there that has worked great for me. And I've tried more than some have while pursuing my own crafters website construction. So I want to educate and introduce you to what I have experience with.

Beginner steps to take to decide if an e-biz is right for you.

Step #1

Making online a part of your craft business is easy. 
Figure out if this move is right for you and your business:

  1. First off become a member of a great web business community for free. There are many blogging communities and the like to join. When joining them make sure they have a proven track record. That way they can help steer you in the right direction and they can also be counted on for support in your own crafters website construction. This way they become a great source when you have questions about working on the web too.
  2. Take a "Video Tour" of a workable solution. This gives you the gist of the great information ahead so study it extensively.
  3. Examine some of the best SBI! Urban Myths with answers concerning them. These provide you with pros and cons of working on the internet so don't miss it.
  4. Use tools provided such as "Search It!" to find your place with crafters website construction.
  5. Traffic and SBI! Businesses. While working on the web you will need traffic and plenty of it. Once again exploring a working example of various crafters website construction pays you to do so. Veterans teach you about traffic and how you can make the most of it.
  6. The Results. Seeing real web businesses gives you personally something to think about. Explore them for as long as it takes you to feel confident in your decision. For or Against.
  7. Proof. You will want to explore as much proof as possible. Seeing working results will help you make an informed decision. Do not settle for anything less.
  8. Questions? And you will have them. Write them down as you think of them. Make a workable plan as to "how-to" get them answered.

Step #2

After your Decision to Stay Online with an E-Biz.

Learning on the Internet is always an Adventure. 
The following steps will make it an amazing journey as well:

  1. Action Guide or, the Action Guide in Video form. I personally loved the videos but you decide for yourself whether you like to read or watch. Both ways have value.
  2. A course in E-Business is what you get. There is always something interesting to learn online. SBI shows you a tremendous amount but don't worry. There are always plenty of people around to help guide you along the way.
  3. CTPM. Becoming familiar with this phrase is easy. Every SBIer knows this by heart and so will you. Content leads to Traffic which you Presell and only then do you earn an income. You set the bar for your involvement on the net. How much or how little.
  4. Work from home. Working from the convenience of your home sounds great to most people. But do you have what it takes? That is the biggest question you will ever have to answer for yourself.

Step #3

Decide to take the Plunge and Definitely get started Today.

BlockBuilder 2
  1. Wordpress or Solo Build It! You decide which is best for you. In this step you will have to study blogging and your own crafters website construction methods for yourself and get the feel of where you belong.
  2. Web Hosting and Solo Build It! What sets Solo Build It apart from the crowd? From all that you have read so far through the links provided by me you are beginning to figure that out.
  3. Solo Build It! Order Page and their 90 Day Guarantee / Risk-Free Trial. If you have decided in favor of Solo Build It clicking this link will take you to the order page.

Progress Reports: Don't forget to give me a progress report I would sincerely like to know how you are doing. I wish you all the best in your new Crafters Website Construction.

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