Barbie Dolls Galore

Barbie Dolls Galore - 5 Stages to Denial that Prevent Action

"Galore" meaning of the word: in abundance.

Barbie Dolls Galore - 5 Stages to Denial that Prevent Action.

So is Barbie real or does she currently possess a climate change? One that would directly affect business concerning her and her companions. Her and the numerous toys and accessories that go with her. 

She is real but totally not human. However some may disagree. Just because we do enjoy her so much. So much at times that in the past she has had many different personalities and employable jobs depicted.

Her being real would be much better for us in the long run. Then we could enjoy all about her without feeling guilty. Imagine if you were to treat your dolls as members of your family just like you do your fur babies. I know, that would be simply bazaar. Would it not and time to call in a doctor. LOL.

In Christ Focus . .

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27)

Especially if you were setting a place for Barbie at your dinner table. Oh really what hilarity. I suppose you could go through with it just as a joke. Nothing more. Imagine the small, very small place setting at your full human table. Bazaar. But that's what we practically do with pets these days.

Imagine what fun! It's simply fun to imagine with Barbie. She is after all so versatile.

However concerning barbie dolls galore is there something wrong with the current marketplace concerning this amazing doll. There once was very divided opinions about her and her body type. Is it still current or has it become past tense? No longer relevant? Has that all just disappeared? Is it still real and is it too expensive to fix? Her doll shape does however seem to be modernizing and changing with the times.

Maybe we suppose at this stage of her age on the marketplace that it is simply too late to take appropriate action. Is she still great or do you think she needs so much more to bring her back to greatness again?

1. It is Not Real

No these homes are not real. Most perhaps wish they were. My own thoughts as a small child were that my dolls should live out their lives in front of me. I guess I was somewhat a wishful child. It did seem to interest me to imagine what a doll's life in mini would consist of.

Too bad we all could not simply shrink to their size and explore to our hearts content their lives "as if" they were real and find out what they were up to today. Perhaps it would be truly amazing. Maybe some of us would choose never to return. Or would we? Would you?

2. It is Real but It Does Not Involve Humans

Barbie dolls galore do really involve humans. Think for a moment about the many array of occupations she has aspired to. Plus the fact that she had a relationship with another doll of her own plastic kind. Although in movies they did seem to illustrate him as a doll clearly full of himself. Very self-centered. 

And as in real life they broke up and were no more an item. It does seem to happen to everything we touch that a bit of reality creeps into what we as humans participate in. Just the way that we are I guess. 

3. It is Real but It Decidedly is Better for Us

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Decidedly even in a doll's world it is best to focus on our human realities. Rather than burying our heads in the sand so we don't observe what is really happening around us. Facing fears of life and learning how to overcome fears helps kids become brave so they will reach out and try new ideas and territories.

It's always great to see children master what bothers them. My little grandson told me that he was afraid to go downstairs to my desk by himself. So I told him I had 5 dollars if he would master his fear and go down and get his nanny something off of her desk. He succeeded and earned something while proving to himself he could. Awesome memory of a young 7 year old child. 

4. It is Real but too Expensive to Fix 

One of the ideas I have found in the past about barbie dolls galore is there are not a lot of actual imaginative kits available for people of this hobby to purchase. The shipping costs make these houses more expensive to produce. This marks a wide open field for someone of imagination to enter and grab the market if you ask me. Times a wasting.

5. It is too Late in the Game to Take Action?

Is it really too late to take action and succeed in this market? Never. The sky is the limit as they say. All that is necessary is someone with a true vision for what is needed and we are off. The wow moment for some will arrive and we will again have a better barbie doll shopping adventure. Barbie should be adventuresome. Think of how many youngsters she has influenced of the many years she has been around. 

It's never too late to become great at something you truly enjoy. Barbie dolls galore may just need your very own expertise.

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