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A Great Dollshouse Bargain!

How to books are one of my personal all-time favorite styles available in the marketplace today.

When we lack information or knowledge in particular areas of our lives we can always look to instruction manuals to supply our need.

In any particular situation there is an individual or group who have been there done that and are prepared to share their knowledge.

Miniaturists how to books are no different. Here, featured below is a wealth of knowledge that authors are wanting to share with you. Plus some are tremendous bargains for the amount of info they possess.

Check out our How to Books list:

(Lowest prices included. See below for important info concerning the how to books featured. ** Clicking on any picture will take you to purchase info off our site.)

Miniature Embroidery For The Victorian Dolls' HouseMiniature Embroidery For The Victorian Dolls' House  By Pamela Warner

$4.59. This is one of the Best how to books I have seen written on this subject. After having read and created many projects from other volumes of this type, I have to say this is the best and most informative book to date. The author not only shows us projects using many types of different needlework, she also explains the history behind them. Quote from

A Beginners' Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby: Revised and Expanded EditionA Beginners' Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby: Revised and Expanded Edition  By Jean Nisbett

$6.49. Jean Nisbett's classic book is a practical, accessible introduction to the world of doll houses. Avoid costly mistakes and confusion with this indispensable guide to the basics of this fascinating hobby. Part one features an introduction to the dollshouse hobby including: choosing the most suitable house; planning decoration and furnishings; ideas for gardens; ideas for miniature shops; and doll's houses for children. Quote from

Magnificent Miniatures: Inspiration and Technique for Grand Houses on a Small ScaleMagnificent Miniatures: Inspiration and Technique for Grand Houses on a Small Scale 
By Kevin Mulvany, Susie Rogers

$13.15. This beautifully illustrated book captures the full breadth of Mulvany and Rogers’ achievements, and reveals the techniques and materials they use to fashion their stunning recreations. Practical projects for the reader include wood paneling, parquet flooring, trompe l’oeil marbling, and much more.
Quote from

The Stettheimer DollhouseThe Stettheimer Dollshouse 
By Sheila W. Clark

$12.60. The Stettheimer Dollshouse, published by Pomegranate, gives the story and includes detailed pictures of Carrie Walter Stettheimer's miniature, an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. Stettheimer and her family were hosts of a popular salon in 1920's New York, and the artistic atmosphere of her friends and family are evident in the creation of her dollshouse. Quote from

How to Make Perfect Dollhouse FiguresHow to Make Perfect Mini Figures 
By Kitty Mackey

$14.95. A dollshouse isn't truly a home until dolls move in! Now you can learn to build realistic 1" scale figures with this wonderfully illustrated instruction manual. Covers the basics of proportions and movement, the selection and use of tools and materials, painting tips, and more. Includes step-by-step building projects with polymer clay, metallic foils and powders, and other materials. Quote from

Dolls' House Furniture: Easy-to-Make Projects in 1/12 ScaleDolls' House Furniture: Easy-to-Make Projects in 1/12 Scale  By Freida Gray

$8.59. Start with basic pieces that require little more than a craft set; as confidence and skills increase, move on to more demanding work involving cabinet construction and miniature power tools. At every stage, there's an inventory of the necessary tools, equipment, and materials, plus same-size drawings, cutting lists, and color photographs of the completed furnishings. Try easy upholstered furniture; balsa tables, benches, and birdhouses; and imitation basketwork, including a laundry bin.
Quote from

Making Miniature Gardens (Master Craftsmen)Making Miniature Gardens (Master Craftsmen) 
By Freida Gray

$10.99. Can be used by the new miniaturist as well as the experienced. Good color photos and easy instructions using items found easily. Full sized patterns for some plans. Patterns and plans for the whole garden from walls to tools to vegetables to a patio chair. A truly enjoyable read. Quote from

Making Miniatures: Dolls' House Projects In 1/12 ScaleMaking Miniatures: Dolls' House Projects In 1/12 Scale  By Venus & Dodge, Martin Dodge

$5.09. Venus and Martin Dodge have produced (what I feel) are the most beautiful volumes on the skills of making miniature scenes, dolls and accessories. My first project was the kitchen in this book. It turned out beautifully. I cannot stress enough how realistic their room boxes are. Quote from

Easy to Make Dolls' House AccessoriesEasy to Make Dolls' House Accessories 
By Andrea Barham

$4.56. This is a great book filled with easy to follow patterns. I would add even more stars if I could. This is a definite must have for all that make miniatures. I also recommend any of her other manuals you can get your hands on. Keep a lookout for this author!
Quote from

Making Period Dolls' House Accessories (Master Craftsmen)Making Period Dolls' House Accessories (Master Craftsmen)  By Andrea Barham

$8.50. Includes 80 step-by-step projects for period dolls' house accessories with line drawings to make miniatures, covering styles and eras from the 15th to the 20th centuries. There are ideas for objects d'art, baggage, soft furnishings, pictures, houseplants and lighting. Quote from

Grand Total for all featured items: $89.51

** Very Important Must Read Concerning Prices: At the writing of this page, prices were as stated above. However as we have seen many times before prices have been reduced on these how to books even further. So our total definitely holds some surprises for the better just for you. Happy Shopping.

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