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Dollhouse Window Drapery

October 2012

Dream Dollhouse Window Drapery ..

Yes the dollhouse window drapery that has you so envious you wished you lived in your miniature.

Well why not envy your dollhouse? Sometimes we end up envious of something or someone in life so why not your mini environment?

Actually to tell the truth you can always design your tiny dwelling with your own living spaces in mind. Create ideas that seed change in your larger living areas. Why not use that environment to fuel change of all kinds?

In the small scale it is easy to visually see what kinds of dollhouse window drapery looks best with this or that design element. And then your tiny scales do become very useful in real life.

I know it takes a bit more to plan a change in your everyday world but in time those changes are possible. So if you are having trouble visualizing something you want changed why not try creating it in mini just to see the outcome.

Three Great Books to Get you Thinking

Making Dolls' House Interiors in 1:12 Scale
by Carol & Nigel Lodder

This book is full of helpful ideas to create in 1:12 scale. It lists several illustrations where windows are concerned. Many of a very simple style anyone can do to more elaborate designs. Nothing should be thought of as out of your reach. Basically because if you study the elements and the way that the drapes or curtains look then you can achieve great results. Just copy what you see.

Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses
by Lael Combe Furgeson & Terry Combe Johnson

One of the main ideas regarding this book is the no-sew patterns. You can make all of these items without your sewing machine. For some of us that is a great concept. We will not need to get more appliances out to finish our miniature designs. Perhaps just a bit of pretty cloth and some glue here and there.

Look into this book for deals where buying it is concerned, there are several listings and some of them on Amazon are rather pricey. After all it is an older gem of a book, copyrighted in 1999. Unfortunately out of print already. So considered a collectors edition no less. Especially if you count the high price tags as evidence.

In this volume there are several curtain styles to choose from. Under the topic of window treatments we find these examples:

  • A Pear of Arches
  • Austrian Poof
  • Creative Retreat
  • Rolled Up Window Treatment
  • Simply Sheer
  • Swiss Lace
  • Touch of Brass

With detailed patterns provided for each of these style of drapes or curtains. Plus you can find many other excellent ideas throughout the book.

Search for Soft Furnishings for Dollhouses now.

Magnificent Miniatures: Inspiration and
Technique for Grand Houses on a Small Scale
by Kevin Mulvany & Susie Rogers

If ever there was a book that just by looking at it made you wish you were tiny this is it. Like I said earlier, create the mini you would love to live in. And then of course use it to fashion your own living spaces.

This book is to drool over. Really. If you are truly needing some inspiration as to what you can do in miniature, then get this book. It is a "look inside" volume over on Amazon.

It has many rave reviews by customers who have bought this volume. Plus one of these customers even had the pleasure of viewing the works of art mentioned in the book in person. As a collector they thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum and the purchase of this amazing book.

Two Additional Places to Look for Dollhouse Window Drapery

Mini Draperies just like Your own Living Room

(The illustrations in this section have to do with using the scale calculator found here.)

Dollhouse Window Drapery. Make what you have in your living room.

Drapes the style in your living room for your miniature dwellings are possible if you put your mind to it. Let's say you have decided to make your own dollhouse draperies. What do you do?

Enter the full size measurements.

Full size measures

Correct Measurements make your Work Worthwhile

Start by measuring your draperies. The ones you want to shrink. Next go over to my calculations page found here to begin designing your dollhouse window drapery. Enter your full size measurements in the very first boxes.

Enter as much detail as you want. Example: feet, inches, part inches. Or just use foot measurements to keep it even. Remember the best thing about minis is the fact that they only have to look the part basically.

Unless of course you are hugely talented or entirely picky. I am some of each to tell the truth. Most likely you are also to some degree. But of course in the end, if it looks the part we are satisfied.

Choose the scale to converted to.

Convert scale to....

So next calculate the measurement to be whatever size mini you have. Playscale. 1:12 scale. 1:24 scale. With playscale every two inches equals one foot. With 1:12 scale every inch equals a foot in real life. And with 1:24 scale it is every half inch equals a foot.

Remember to measure and convert every side for an accurate finish to your work. In other words leave nothing up to guess work.

Don't know your mini scale? Use the calculator and measure in reverse. Measure your dollhouse and then estimate what you think it would be. Then select in the second measurement box below, the full size scale. Are the measurements realistic in real life?

Enter the calculations for several different scales and play back and forth until you are satisfied you have the right measurements regarding your dollhouse window drapery.

Selecting your Material for Dollhouse Window Drapery

This is where it gets interesting. Going shopping is always interesting. Pay a visit to your local fabric store. Here in Canada we have Fabricville but you go to your favorite place or maybe even Amazon.

However you will probably want to handle the fabric so choose your local fabric shop. Select fabric that is thin. The thinner the better.

What if you don't find the color you are looking for? Choose white and plan on painting it with fabric paint. Where there is a will you know the rest....

Click to view a larger illustration.

Click to view a larger illustration

This fabric as well can be of the cheaper designs. Dollhouse essentials do not always have to come with high price tags.

Study the Style and Finish

After study the design of your drapes imitate the look for your dollhouse window drapery. Put whatever you see into your design. Continue this exercise until you have the look you want.

And again it is all about the look that satisfies you. When you have reached that satisfied goal you're done and now have your completed drapes.

Rest Between Design Stages ...

If you are tired of your design after it is completed in one stage. Take a rest before trying the next design area. That rest will give you much needed energy in tackling your next set of goals in creating. Also use this rest period to study more ideas for your mini world with Home Designer. It will be rewarding time well spent in a new direction.

View or Buy Mini Cabinet here.
In the Spotlight

Curtain Rods and Window Boxes

Continuing on with our Main Dollhouse Window Drapery Theme....

Tiny Curtain Rods

Dollhouse window drapery hardware is not as elaborate as the full sized items. However since we all possess the means to use our imaginations we can develop styles that suit any miniature environment.

Purchasing a product that is as close as possible to what you want to see is a step in the right direction. If it needs to be a different color paint it, if it needs a special item added clay may be a material that will deliver the look you seek.

In all situations having an active imagination helps get what you want in the end.

For your Information: Clicking on pictures below will open a new window on Amazon for more details about each item.

Window Boxes a Finishing Touch

The drum roll please. After all your labor of love you need to make your look complete.

Have a final look at your creative genius and determine in yourself.... Is there something more that will bring the best out in your design?

The window boxes below could provide that missing element. Or something else similar you just know will work. If it will then add it to your mini.

Now stand back and eye it from a distance.

For your Information: Clicking on pictures below will open a new window on Amazon for more details about each item.

Does your dollhouse window drapery arrangement really please you in its final stage? If so move on to bigger and better projects. If not ask yourself one final question. Is there something that does not go with everything?

It will be the taking away or adding that will finally make this effort truly yours. So don't finish until it feels finished.

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