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Important update to Ten Important Tips to Great Dollhouse Design
March 31, 2013


March 2013 Mini Issue

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Our update includes a new location:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design can be found here:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design

The new url:

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Welcome members ... as you pull up your mini arm chair for a wee visit today you will find some things have changed. For instance we have a new home for our "Ten Important Tips EBook".

You will need the password to access it. A private for members only email will follow this issue.

Why isn't it in this one? One reason, this issue will be publicly viewed. But our EBook is for members only. Yes this message will be accessed online. So no we will not be issuing a members password here. However all members will receive it. Just stay tuned to our next private message.

Plus it is worth noting that the current location will be deleted today. So you will not be able to view it your usual way again. After today that link will be permanently retired. Hope you will find the new way much more appealing.

You will find a new online page plus a convenient place to download your ebook. As always it is free. No fee to access or use the facilities. Hope you come out to visit real soon. We have the tea and coffee on. Go ahead pull up your mini chair and get acquainted.

The following links will take you directly to some great topics:

  • Check out our latest EBiz page for crafters...
    Study these free courses online ...
    People usually assume that what you get for free has next to nothing for meat included. Not so with these freebies. You will not find this info being given away anywhere else. And yes you can read everything without spending a dime...

  • Join our Dollhouse Community it's Easy...
    Pull up a miniature chair and relax. You are invited...
    Join our dollhouse community and share in our topics provided. We encourage you to share as much as you feel comfortable with. Hope to see you online...

  • Our topical reference for each Ezine Issue...
    Get comfortable in your miniature chair and start reading past editions... We have always wished that the issues page was more detailed. Now there are more details to help you get around. Hope you enjoy the improvements...
  • These links work fine in most browsers. That is they are suppose to take you directly to the topic. However if they do not we have provided the links to copy-and-paste into any browser.

    We have also discovered an issue with Internet Explorer (IE). One that is easily helped by clicking your "Compatibility View" found in the "Tools" section at the top of your browser. That is if you notice that "" looks a tad bit scattered. All other browsers give us the look we have created. If not contact us to tell us what browser you currently use.

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    Have a great day and enjoy your Dollhouse EZine.

    Lois Williams
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