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Design House Plans
Best Steps before you Start

November 2011

Best Choices 4 You or Anyone You Help

Your Tastes in Life Helps Choose & Design House Plans

Starting out in any venture requires us all to at least know who we are. That goes as well for those that we help. Trying to help yourself or someone else who doesn't know basically what they like or want in miniature house plans is a hard chore.

However how do you learn what you like? Basically you have to actually ask yourself the question: Do I like this or what? Next study what you like and then write down exactly what about it you do like.

I know it is a lot of head stuff in a world where "now" is all we ever want to know today. This studying yourself will require you to search, study, write, analyze and eliminate. Without these don't even begin.

Your Search for your Choice Designs

Brainstorm to find some of the best places to search for construction ideas. Where do you think you should start? Some places would be:

  • your local library, 
  • architectural books on the market, 
  • online search engines, 
  • special directories, 
  • knowledgeable family, 
  • friends or co-workers, 
  • and anywhere else that comes to mind.

Also do not forget to ask friends where they might look for design house plan ideas. Don't just ask them about how to create, if they seem to have knowledge about where to look, ask them that too. Get them to brainstorm with you.

Study amazing Miniature House Plans

Yes next you must study what you have found for design house plans. One hint: while looking for a plan that inspires you, don't make your list long and lengthy. We all realize that there are millions of designs out there.

Limit yourself to choosing only 10 of the best ones you find. Choose wisely and include a number of different styles. Maybe even mix and match various elements to create your own unique plan.

Write Down the Ideas you Like

This may seem elementary but really it is an important phase of your search. Failing to write down what you like, you tend to forget just what you liked to start with.

How many times have you thought, "oh I'll remember that..." only to know that later you knew there was something but what.... you now have no idea. We've all been there, done that.

So make sure you write down all valuable ideas before they fade into the land of "awesome and wonderful ideas you forgot along the way".

Analyze the Plans you have Found

Yes that's right your next step is to analyze every plan you have come up with. In a way now is the time to subject them to deep study. Even tearing them apart to find what you do not like about them to some degree.

Create a pro and con list of your choices. Deciding which has the best features and construction techniques. Which one loses and which one remains throughout your whole processes. Pretend you are systematically choosing the winner for "Survivor". Entertain yourself as much as possible in this stage.

Eliminate to find Your Ultimate Design House Plan

That's right. This is the stage that you have been patiently working towards. Look over your list carefully. In this stage the one that stands out above every other plan is the one to choose. Of course this one needs to be the one you truly find the most interesting. No boring ideas allowed. After all you are creating your own plan. So the sky is the limit. With your choice you do not have to weigh out all the variables. So go for what you like. It will pay off in the end in measures of enjoyment.

Final Step in the Designing Great Plans Research Stage

After you have finished searching, studying, writing, analyzing and eliminating you are now ready to develop your design house plans even further.

This is the place of real excitement. Now you will begin to gather building materials, express your artistic characteristics and complete what you've been developing on paper.

Good luck as you succeed at one of the most imaginative / enjoyable hobbies in the world... Designing Ideas for your Best Mini Ever!

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PROJECT: Build a Mini Home for your Dollshouse

Build a Mini Home

My Miniature Dollhouse

Building a miniature home for your full-size dollshouse has been around for a while. And I know you can create one from a kit. That's however up to you. I thought that I would create my own version from my work room. My thought is that it will be extremely fun. Fun to make it out of polymer clay.

I know! Something did happen to me as I started working again with this material. One of the things that is so fascinating about it is, that you don't have to paint it, or tweak it in any manner. So it's so appropriate to work with. At least for me with my time the way it is.

Join in the fun and create your own mini
dollshouse along with me.

My Materials List:

For your Information: Hovering your mouse over any picture below will display the details for that item. Clicking on the picture will take you to Amazon. A list of all needed materials for this craft can be found below this widget. The widget shows our suggestions for materials needed.

  • Fimo Clay or Equal Substitute
  • Goop Glue or Bake & Bond
  • Craft Pasta Machine
  • Clay Modeling Tool Kit
  • Ruler and Pencil
  • Craft Knife Set
  • Graph Paper for Making Patterns
  • Self Healing Craft Mat


My Miniature Dollhouse

Step 1: Decide on the size of your dollshouse. Is it a mini of a 1:12 scale or playscale structure? Every foot in playscale equals 2 inches so you have to convert that down even smaller. My scale page found here will help in designing your mini. Correctly calculate all your measurements.

Step 2: Begin by drawing out a rough drawing of what you want to accomplish. You could even go to places like Amazon and simulate a look you see. Converting all measurements as you work.

Step 3: Next draw out what and how you view your masterpiece and make a pattern for your structure. Use graph paper to help in squaring up your pattern. Make sure you keep a good copy of the pattern you create for your personal file.

Step 4: Start working with your clay and cutting out your pattern with as much detail as you visualize. Remember to add lines, windows and doors where appropriate in the plan. Add decorations and any added ideas you have.

Step 5: Bake it in your oven following the instructions on your polymer clay package, let cool and glue the pieces together. Where gluing your pieces are concerned you may be interested in "bake & bond" by Sculpey. This is a special adhesive made to bond polymer clays together without causing distortions. For both wet and dry applications.

View or Buy Mini Dollshouse here.
In the Spotlight

Look no further for An Easy-to-Use Program
for Making Your own Design House Plans

by Lois Williams

Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural
The rave reviews are in. Over 30 people gave this group of particular programs a *Five* Star rating. I have one of these programs and have to agree with the reviewers. It is easy to use and requires a minimal learning curve. This definitely would be a good choice for making your own mini structures.

Chief Architect Home Designer
Architectural Features

  • Professional home-design software for the serious and novice do-it-yourself user
  • Kitchens and baths, interiors, remodeling, decks and landscaping, and more
  • Site planning and cost estimation; 2,500+ sample floor concepts; advanced 3D camera tools
  • Choose from over 7,000 library items; create and take a Virtual Tour
  • Program Choices range in Price from $33 to over $400. So there are choices for all budgets and experience levels
  • Get started quickly with easy how-to videos for step-by-step instructions
  • Some versions featured are completely downloadable so you can own it today
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • Read More Info on these Fabulous Design House Plans Programs...

One Review States: "Personally I found the tutorial videos very informative, and enabled me to start creating rooms, laying out the outer walls. There are a lot of automatic functions that make it easier for the novice. I am also very excited about the features included in the program including landscaping and decks. What blew my mind was the option of planting a wide array of bushes, and then with a click or two you could determine what they would look like when they were more mature. What a great way to make smart landscaping choices. The amount of detail that the landscaping function includes with all of the different plant species. This is a great program. Download the trial version and check it out. Highly recommended."

See What all the Excitement is About Below

View Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural now.

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