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Welcome to your Dollhouse Sales Page. Here you will find what our sponsors are currently offering of interest.

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A World of Opportunities and Sales awaits You and Yours

Below you will find sales of all sorts. Of course as you guessed it, dollhouse related goodies as well. So be sure to search for the desire of your miniatures heart in these outlets too.

Anything we thought you may be interested in for you, your little ones or family. You will find here. As we find deals we can offer you we will add them to this page.

This is very much a work in continuous progress. So drop by often to see what deals we have found for you next. And as well keep your eyes open for ideas you can create to make your own dollhouse items. You never know what will trigger an original project in your own world.

Mainly enjoy yourself and have fun.

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Dollhouses & Accessories...

For dollhouses, their miniature accessories and furniture check out Amazon. You know they carry it. And if they do not one of their merchant associates does. At any given time of the year find abundant deals available in this category.

Dollhouse & Dollhouse Accessory Deals

1869 Cottage by DollHouseDesigns at one time had great miniature house plans at reasonable rates. Creator Jon Lash had done an exceptional job. Studying his ways of doing things you could learn even more about your miniature hobby. After all that's what this hobby is all about. Learning more, having more fun and relaxing while we do it. After having bought his plans ourselves we were very pleased with all he had supplied. You would not have been disappointed.

However today he is not online. We can only study what we have seen of his work. With a great plan though you can create an even better fashion doll house of your own. Learning all you can from books, other artists and studying past houses.

 So come on over and check Jon Lash out here.

Garden Stuff

Fashion Doll Hair Galore

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Collectibles & Hobbies

Enjoyable collectibles and hobbies. This category features some celebrity examples and information. But with all minor info we have supplied a search bar for you to find your favorites. With Amazon we have found over the years that it is best to be as specific as possible. That way you find what you are looking for quicker. As you explore all of these offers make sure to search for good dollhouse usable ideas as well.

Lucille Ball


Royalty and Fame

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Travel, travel, and more travel. We know that modern travel and fashion dolls are closely related. Check out all the deals from boats to sports to accessories here. Look into using this knowledge to further your dollhouse hobby. What all these features have can teach you even more about minis and creating your 0wn.

Barbie Travels

Boats and Outdoor


Mini Suitcases

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Book Deals

Books. People who love books will love this category. will willingly say that they are bookworms. If you want great prices on dollhouse instruction manuals and how-to topics head for these book departments. Search for your favorites here.

Build a Dollhouse

Dollhouse Miniatures in Books

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Special Gifts

Personal Designs and more available in this section. Just waiting for you to enjoy. Explore all areas you never know what is in store until you step out to see each of these gift ideas. These are what you would call more "Pamper YOU" items than any other category we have featured.

Spa Shop



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Full-Sized Home Fashions

Now that you have imagined in miniature look for the new in your full-size world. On our dollhouse sales page you never know what you will encounter that will amaze and delight.

Murals Your Way

Bedding Style

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Food - Edible Items

Food. We all need and enjoy it. Some very much, others a little, but it's all here to make your mouth water for the holidays. On our dollhouse sales page these look so good you would like to serve them up now.

Barbie Snacks

Child Friendly Healthy Snacks

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Get more information on fashion dolls to help with ideas to create here

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