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As far as antique dollhouses go, will the vintage Queen Anne Dollshouse truly stand up to the test of all that we expect from her? Take a look and see what we've found...

To start with Lady Anne had a royal background. As would be expected by the name. If anything could be more obvious to us the word "queen" is a dead giveaway. And yes we are being funny when we state that fact.

However when was she in power ... Well she reigned from March 1702 to August 1714. She was also born and lived between February 6, 1665 – August 1, 1714 and had no children.

What about her Miniature Mansion?

Concerning antique dollhouses though, truly we are not as interested in her reign or the years of her life as we are in her dollshouse. Are we?

Now tell the truth... We definitely just want to know the "skinny" about the vintage doll house and the history lesson we will leave for someone else.

But for those who truly desire the history, and we know you are out there, we have provided the following additional pages:

  1. Anne of Great Britain
  2. Details about Anne
  3. Lady Anne Architecture

Moving on to Antique Dollhouses and the Main Story...

Okay so what it looks like is... Anne was a revered lady of her day. So basically speaking as with what happens at times... Someone, namely Richard Shaw in the 1860s, in honour of her began constructing houses in England with her name attached to them.

And what beautiful houses he constructed.

Later these same housing patterns came to America where others began constructing them. The very first house that arrived in North America is slightly hard to pin point.

But enough said... it was early such as in the mid 1800s to the early 1900s... It obviously had to have been after the first ones in England were created in the mid 1860s.

Now on to that Vintage Queen's Dollshouse:

This is where people presently have copied styles of particular eras and made them into classic antique dollhouses. The two pictures featured here indicate that's just what has happened.

Queen Anne Dollhouse Queen Anne Style Home

On the left: The Vintage Doll's Mansion
On the right: North American house copying the Queen's style of England.

Some of this structure's special features include:

  • Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown
  • Unique Side-Opening Access
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • Grand entryway
  • Large, well shaped rooms, 13 rooms in total
  • Windows and door are custom designed
  • Overall Dimensions: 49" H x 50" W x 24" D
  • 1" = 1' Scale

Fashion Doll Project Idea

Imagine Barbie in the setting of a queen's estate.

  1. Her dwelling would be rather large since the scale is every two inches equals one foot.

  2. This scale has rarely been given this kind of attention. So it could be quite enterprising to create and then to display.

  3. Imagine all the fun details to include such as: wall décor, room furnishings, costumes, personal accessories ...

And no ... do not purchase plastic items. Use your own ideas to come up with every element in this creative project. It is, after all, the object to have as much fun as possible while making this miniature environment. Whether one room to start or a whole ginormous palace one room at a time. 

Design Tip #4: Acquire Important Skills Now

Home Designer Suite 2014

That's right do not wait. A lot of people require someone to tell them important information many times. Before they really get it. Save yourself time by learning to acquire skills needed quickly. It will save you valuable time in the end process. You will truly be ahead of others when you do this least thought of tip.

Trusting the information presented always comes through reading and education in a matter. Read all you can and study the ideas illustrated to go beyond your questions to knowledge. Then decide on what you want and take action.

Two Videos for your Viewing Pleasure:

This first video comes with music. If you like quiet just don't turn on the sound. But this doll house is amazing. Look at the very fine details they have added and drool. Enjoy, and begin to think of your own desires in construction. Yes it can be as nice! We encourage you!

This second video gives you ideas as to how the assembly of your doll's home should go. And our advice? Read the instructions FIRST.

Finally here it is - The Vintage Anne Dollshouse

Real Good Toys Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit

[Click above Link to Get More Info]

Price: $1400 at the writing of this page
Sale: ? ? ? ?

Also Check out this link for Antique
Dollhouses to compare prices.

Whether you're currently living in a today atmosphere in your construction journey, such as fashion doll designs or copying from some other century with your existing doll house projects... Always be looking in historical events to add interest and grandeur to all you plan for your antique dollhouses today.

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