The Nostalgic German Dollhouse

German Dollhouse Front

German DollHouse of Grandeur

The Nostalgic German DollHouse. Typically Germany was noted for its superior ability to fashion superb Doll Houses. It shipped these fashionable structures to Central Europe, Britain, and North America. Japan even copied their detailed designs.

After World War II doll houses were manufactured in greater quantities with less attention to detail than ever before, thus making the models more accessible than ever for middle class folk to own them.

This square model simply looks intriguing. Oh to live in the time when people were good craftsmen.

Not that there are not those today, it's just that everyone seems to want it now. No one seems to slow down long enough to bring out the details and enjoy the journey.

In Germany during the middle part of the 20th century 1:10 scale became popular based on the metric system. Dollhouses coming out of Germany today remain closer in scale to 1:10 than 1:12.

Imaginative link for more information about the German Doll Houses:

Meet the Drew House.

It was made in the early 1860s and rumored to be constructed with something as simple as orange boxes.

We are trying to imagine this process. Our orange boxes today tend to be rather small. But back then.... it definitely was a different era.

Notice how beautifully detailed it is. Awesome. To have that talent ourselves!

From the furniture to the outside this house is amazing.

It is fashioned with furnishing from an important German doll's house furniture maker - Schneegas of Waltershausen.

The German craftsmen definitely were talented.

German Dollhouse Back

Creating from an Orange Box

Could You Construct Your Dollhouse from an Orange Box?

Could You Construct Your Dollhouse from an Orange Box? Do you think you could make a dollhouse out of something odd or original looking. If not why not?

As they say the sky is the limit if you are willing to go there. We can feel the ideas forming can you? Like what we would need in supplies to accomplish this design. Already an idea has presented itself.

How about yourself? Let your imagination out to play. Become as a child and create something exciting to you.

Take a Look at what We Found ..

It's a small frying pan. Just by looking at it we are greatly interested in pursuing a design of our own. Of an unusual kind, naturally. Should prove adventuresome. As for you keep grabbing ideas from all around you. You can do anything you set your mind to.

To start Home Designer Architectural

Home Designer Architectural
  1. Click the Windows Start button.

  2. Select Programs> Chief Architect> Home Designer Architectural> Home Designer Architectural and click to start the program.

  3. When the program launches, the Startup Options window displays.

    * Click New Plan to open a new, blank plan.

    * If you have disabled the Startup Options at startup or already have the program open, you can select File> New Plan to open a new, blank plan.

    * For more information, see “Startup Options” on page 2 of the Reference Manual.

  4. The Create New Plan dialog displays next.

  5. Home Designer Architectural includes a selection of Home Style, Interior and Landscaping template plans, each with different default settings that allow you to begin working in a particular plan style quickly. For this tutorial, select Home Style Templates from the drop-down list. The Default template and U.S. Units are selected by default. Click OK. The floor plan view window opens, ready for you to begin drawing.

  6. It is wise to save your work, and save it often, as you proceed.

    * Select File> Save from the menu to open the Save Plan File dialog

    * Specify the location on your computer where you would like to save the plan.

    * Enter a name for your plan.

    * Click Save.

Quote from my Home Designer's User's Guide

Solo Build It!
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