Small Business Opportunity of a Lifetime

Create the Small Business Opportunity of Your Dreams.

At the Doll House Small Business Opportunity

The only real small business opportunity out here on the net are really ones we establish ourselves. Such as our,, example is.

Yours will probably be somewhat different considering you are not us and we are not you.

But it all takes a bit of effort on your part to get the process started. Once you decide to begin it then takes a commitment. It helps to know that you definitely want to pursue the internet as a business model.

Let the Business Building Process Begin ...

What? What's that? Oops! Does that sound like "work"? S-h-h-h-h  Yes, it is. And truthfully, more effort than some of us want to make. Right?....

We will not lie to you. This working a small business opportunity online does involve a bit of effort. Especially to those who know absolutely nothing about online and it all seems so huge. But if you have people to guide you along it is completely do-able.

No Cost Websites versus One With All the Benefits 

We know there is another overlapping idea that comes with this web environment, whether we are indeed conscious of it or not. It is that we sometimes want it, or expect it, for no cost.

Yes there's that "free" style of thinking that goes so much with a web community. We just sometimes can not get shed of it. Can we? We expect good things online to be practically "nothing". 

And with that mentality, the "work" word just seems so coarse a four letter word to throw around loosely. We know, we use to think that way too.

Well truthfully we have been on both kinds of website developers. The ones that seem to offer you the world for nothing and the one with more bells and whistles than you can number and they just keep coming.

A word to the wise: We love the bells and whistles. The guy with the world for nothing (supposedly) ... Well you definitely get what you pay for ... Nothing! They, you usually find, leave you basically on your own. While the bells and whistles guy ... Just keeps getting better.

Logically Cheaper is not Better 

Yes the cheaper the "Hosting Company" for a website, the better? Well in that environment, doing it cheaply, you really do what we call "over-exert yourself".

You have to do everything yourself, with no clue what to do, except that maybe you saw it done "this way" on another site.

That's no way to start your small business opportunity. Thinking "maybe it was done that way" is non-productive to start with.

The best way to start a business online is to link arms with people who are working toward the same goals you have. Yes find like minded folk on the net and learn from them. At every turn you can count on it. Those type of folks will give you a lift up when you need it. And you will.

Always though do your homework these days. With a computer community in particular you have to be extra careful.

However there is some very good news. Your biggest e-biz ideas come directly from you and what you make of them. And that element is so controllable by you. Other elements can elude a person, but this one doesn't have to.

Travel on to Part 3: Your Best Small Business Opportunity is Just Around the Corner.

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