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Victorian Dolls for your Dollhouse styled in Handies???
August 31, 2013


Make amazing Victorian Dolls
That's Correct Styled in Hankies ..

The Victorian Dolls your Dollhouse Needs

Dolls make your dollhouse come alive. But do you make them or buy them? That depends on what you have in store for your dollhouse. What is the environment you are looking for? That figured out then develop your dolls.

For sure elegant Victorian Dolls will go along with last month's ezine subject of creating an antique dollhouse. So head on over to today. Read all the particulars in the August 2013 Issue available online now.

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Inspirational Hankie Styles for your Dollhouse Dolls

Meet Marsha Greenberg, Artist, Designer and Author. Introduce yourself to her and her amazing dolls. Using a simple 12 inch square handkerchief she makes beautiful dresses that even you would be happy to wear. Find out how she styles them for her fashion dolls.

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To Your Success,

Lois Williams
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