Enter Tara's Palace...
Tara's Palace Rooms
* The creation of Tara's Palace antique doll house began in 1978.

* It incorporated the wonderful craftspeople of Ireland again, as it had with Titania's Palace.

* With determination they began creating and they hoped this would be another work of art from out of Ireland. They definitely succeeded.

* Crafted in 1:12 scale as the previous dollhouse had been.

* It was a 22 room masterpiece inspired by three different Irish buildings of the 18th century. Castletown House. Carton House. And Leinster House.

* Plus it continued on with the tradition of fundraising for children's charities as Titania's Palace originally had.

Isn't that something now? Dollhouses, when they first appeared in history were never meant for children but... Read More

Christmas Village Accessories: Adding Highlights to your Dollhouse
You know the idea is to use what we see in unique and inventive ways. Never just copying what we see but adding to it and creating our own worlds.

So this Christmas decorate your Dollhouse and use it for a centerpiece on display. Yeah instead of trimming your own living environment go wild over your dollhouse, play and have fun. You deserve it.

You will want to bring your dollhouse to life in the Christmas season so consider purchasing these awesome Village Accessories that will give you the desired effect... Read More

Custom Built Dollhouses are for People who have No Time yet know exactly What they are Looking for from the Get-Go. Custom built dollhouses made to order
There are plenty of folks like that around too. These are the people who may not have time or possibly the talent necessary to build a dollhouse. And there's nothing wrong with either of these scenarios. To each his own.

The custom built dollhouses that are carefully constructed for you from kits from Dura Craft Country Dream Collection and Real Good Toys seem to be very expensive. However, you usually get what you pay for.

The sites that construct from a kit sound very thorough and that they take great care with your purchase. One of the costs as well seems to be... Read More

Always Study and Analyze Get the Best Deal for you as you Explore
If you are a serious collector/doll house lover you may not enjoy your doll house in plastic. We know, personally, we would not, but that is just our opinion on the matter.

The better idea would be to invest a small amount of time in building a worthwhile doll house yourself.

Yes it would take more time but think of the added benefits of doing a project like that.

Imagine getting into all the details in miniature. Your personal taste in Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, and Living Room layout.

What a true labour of love that would be. And isn't that what being in this hobby is... Read More