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Dollhouse kitchen renovations
November 30, 2012


Make your current mini cupboards
Leap to life with endearing items
You can't wait to start today!

As Always:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design can be found here:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design

Members can get the password by emailing me directly. If not a member just apply at the link "Get Your Free EBook". Found in the right column.

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The Minis Zine November-2012-Ezine

As you pull up your mini arm chair for a wee visit today you will find some things have changed. For instance we have a new name for our Ezine. The new name is: The Mini Zine. Along with that as well you will find a whole new layout. Hope you enjoy.

I do realize that people are extremely busy these days and love convenient things in their lives. So with this issue I am providing a mini list of the contents of my EZine.

The following links will take you directly to each topic:

These links work fine in most browsers. That is they are suppose to take you directly to the topic. However if they do not I have provided the links to copy-and-paste into any browser.

I have also discovered an issue with Internet Explorer (IE). One that is easily helped by clicking your "Compatibility View" found in the "Tools" section at the top of your browser. That is if you notice that "" looks a tad bit scattered. All other browsers give us the look we have created. If not contact us to tell us what browser you currently use.

Have a great day and enjoy your Dollhouse EZine.

Lois Williams
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