I want to build my own functional double-hung windows. Where can I find plans?

by Howard
(West Chester, Pa)

1 inch scale working dollhouse double hung window

1 inch scale working dollhouse double hung window



Hello Howard,

I am leaving your email online so others can reply to you personally if they want to as well.

Your question is an interesting one. They do not seem to have patterns or plans for these small windows that I have seen. However is that a problem? No I really do not feel that it is. You can come up with your very own pattern with a little imagination and planning.

Here's what I would suggest you do. Buy one of the working type windows you see. They are not very expensive. Then after you have the window, carefully take it apart. Piece by dainty piece. See what it consists of. Study every tiny detail. Here is one that works that you can study:


Count the pieces. Number and outline all parts. Also make plenty of notes as to how it all fits together. That is a very important step to do. If you forget how it all fits then you are sort of sunk and will have to start over. And you would not want to do that. So your notes are important here in this step.

Then for whatever size window you are aiming at, calculate the measurements for each part and begin cutting out your window. You can find a scale calculator here:


For 1:12 scale every inch equals one foot.
For Playscale every two inches equals one foot.
For 1/2 scale every half inch equals one foot.
(Remember with this calculator you can start from the small measurements and work up to the larger scales too.)

Plus there is an excellent tutorial all about double hung windows for dollhouses on the Greenleaf Dollhouse site. At this URL:


They suggest completely finishing any wall you will be installing this window in. Plus they seem to install the window in their dollhouse wall before placing the wall on the dollhouse model. So you will not be struggling to paint and finish areas that may be hard to reach. Or are naturally going to be cramped.

You will have to copy and paste any urls presented on this page Howard. The best of success to you as you develop your own plans.

Lois Williams

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