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Simply enjoy yourself make these scaled down houses today - Doll House Design Guide - Feb 2012
February 27, 2012


Let your imagination go today...
Make and enjoy these tiny houses!

As Always:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design can be found here:

10 Important Tips to Great Doll House Design

Your Dollhouse EZine has publish and can be viewed online.
Doll House Design Guide February-2012-Ezine

However I do realize that people are extremely busy these
days and love convenient things in their lives. So with this
issue I am providing a mini list of the contents of my EZine.

The following links will take you directly to each topic:

  • Featured Dollhouse Article
    Miniature Worlds Get the Best Dollhouse Now!
    The descriptions going into the projects are endearing. The
    authors of Miniature Worlds paint you a colorful picture of
    creating mini scenes. You will almost feel as if you are
    traveling along with them...

  • Dollhouse Technique in Detail
    The Making of Tiny Dollhouse Cabinet Pieces
    To begin crafting a small cabinet of sorts for a room like your
    1:12 scale dining room you will need your imagination...

  • In the Spotlight
    Dollhouse Miniatures are great additions
    to your Dollhouse Environment

    Getting creative with miniatures has never been easier.
    Online there are so many interesting, creative miniatures to
    choose from. People who make these do a wonderful job...

  • What's been Happening


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are suppose to take you directly to the topic but do not in
Chrome. However Firefox and IE work great.

If any of the above URLs are not links, copy-and-paste the URLs
into your Web browser, Firefox or IE. That should do the trick.

Have a great day and enjoy your Dollhouse EZine.

Lois Williams
Smart Guide 2 Doll House Design!
Styled, Built, Designed! Made 4 You!

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