Finished Doll House

Defining the Term "Finished Doll House"

To arrive at or attain the end, terminate, stop, to reach the end of a task, course, or relationship, the final part, the conclusion...

Say it isn't so "skippy"... It can't be over...

Nothing is ever really over...

We know for most miniature enthusiasts it isn't over until the "opera lady sings" as it is. Or at least until your dollshouse display is everywhere. Instead of "if you want the best seat in my living room you will have to move the cat"... It is "you will have to move around my displays". "Sorry.... but my displays come first."

Just kidding we're really not that bad.... Rolling eyes....

The Best Finished Doll House is Yet to Come...

Personally we hope you are never truly finished with your world in miniature. It is an awesome hobby to be involved with. From everything to putting tiny designs on the living room walls to finding the perfect kitchen table to creating the most life like child's bedroom we hope you enjoy it all.

Never finish any dollshouse living environment. Keep adding to it. But if you ever feel as if this truly is your finished collection.... Perhaps sell it and start a new one. Every day is always a new day in your miniature world. 'Til next time...

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Just like your finished doll house prepare to be finished with definitely unproductive behavior. Can you imagine the joy of waking to a whole new way of life. The excitement of finally having arrived at something you have sought is amazing.

A Finished House: The One to add to Your Collection.

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